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domestic dating sites began development period from 2005, 5 years after the market precipitation and turns into the note of venture capital, has formed Jiayuan, Lily network, treasure net, marry5.com several dating sites to carve up the market pattern, while more than 23 million registered users, there are millions of less.

however, this kind of matchmaking website did not how to "sweet", they are almost in line "burn" state, members pay the conversion rate is a digit. Thus, the search for new business model to become the industry’s top priority. For example, marry5.com to offline activities as a means of feeding, and the general manager of the Department of Xu Xinyue even a bold idea, perhaps to position themselves as the special channel".

shrink line landing for Ann

addition to the general online value-added services, marry me, there is a high-end member of the network services.

it is understood that the high-end member for returnees, two rich generation enterprises and Jinling, the number of general take annual fee system, cost ten thousand or twenty thousand yuan. Marry my network set up a telephone call center, to help high-end members in the website member information center in accordance with the requirements of the right person to find, and then check the information on the phone, and recommended to high-end members. However, it is not the money can be selected high-end members, but also need to meet certain qualifications, the site of income, occupation, education background, and so have the corresponding requirements.

Members of the organization to interactive activities under the

line has become a key link is to marry my net operation mode, feeding line operation.

in different cities will be held every month under three or four lines of dating activities, improve the efficiency of membership. In general, each event can be sponsored by local businesses, marry me to give the site advertising feedback, the number of 200 people, members of the charges involved in the hundred dollars.

and businessmen held a large-scale blind date, is married to my network to increase the offensive line another important way. For example, last year, marry5.com joint Wahaha Group, held a "million people blind to the general assembly in the ten city tour". The event sponsored by the Wahaha Group, marry5.com launched his own free membership in.

although a lot of activities under the line, but I married the network in addition to the headquarters in Guangzhou, it only set up a branch in Beijing. Before the general activities held around the headquarters will be arranged according to the size of the activities of the staff in advance to prepare the site, not even in the local branch." Xu Xinyue said that the purpose of doing this is to shrink the front to save costs, and members of the line activities have their particularity, usually in the weekend, time for a day, there is no need to set up institutions to increase the cost of. She said, in fact, earlier marry5.com had set up in many places at institutions, similar branch architecture, but gradually cancelled, "one is not too much, two is to reduce operating costs".

turn buy channel


"in the future, I want to marry my nets made of pure commonweal website, others marriage together." This is not someone else

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