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Department colleagues keen on online shopping, the daily clothes are purchased from the customer, but recently he was a shirt size quite depressed. Ask what the original burly northeast man of him, a few days ago where the customer bought a labeled "42" code shirt, send me a try, do not wear, immediately replace a request, or short sleeves. Back and forth get upset colleagues finally picked up the phone to figure out where the problem lies in that the original shirt this "42" code of non Chinese standard code, instead of using the American Standard code. Has been to every guest trusted colleagues made no serious mistakes, "empiricism" to distinguish differences between Chinese and foreign shirt code, finally can only endure frequent exchange of trouble.

when my colleagues in a ratio of multi product operations will be first to try the "clothing" suffered the embarrassment of sharing, many views to discuss the triggered by come in a throng, size difference guest misunderstanding.

first, colleagues should take the "guilt", be negligent of the determination of schadenfreude suspicion. Although online shopping has gradually become a part of daily life of more and more people, there are also a series of problems with online shopping. There is no denying that the crux of these problems may be due to individual companies or sellers do not discipline, but there are some problems with consumer negligence, the behavior of online shopping is also a great relationship. If a colleague has already measured the size of the garment before placing an order, it will reduce the number of times to change the clothes.

secondly, the small details is always a major problem affecting the development of e-commerce. Where old customers as colleagues in later admitted that his reason may be because the size difference will no longer be ready to continue where customers shopping. Although it may not be serious, but has proved that small problem size will directly lead to a loss of old customers, old customers and the role of a continuation of the electronic commerce of the meaning of the brand is immeasurable. It is understood that the creation of early in the customer, once because of online shopping clothes can try, leading consumers to return repeated incidents, increase website logistics cost, to solve the problem of improvement is not enough thorough and meticulous.

third, B2C standard establishment requires a timetable. The electronic commerce process is actually a process of commodity sales, information exchange, communication throughout, in specific communication, need to establish a common language specification in order to make clear channels of communication, it is urgent to establish and advance standard, standard language, standard procedure, standard of service, more conducive to a large number of copies and batch production in order to promote the rapid development of production. Zhong Haibo thought that, although in the clothing B2C has a reputation, but there is still a long distance away from the industry benchmark, to lead the development of the industry in many aspects, the development of industry norms and standards. The first-class enterprises sell the standard, only have the right to formulate standards, to finally have the right to speak of the market, this is the iron law of the market. Every guest in the clothes size according to different cultural differences and different signs, have merit, but.

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