Comparison of enterprise network marketing and two years ago


in the past few years, enterprise network marketing has been developing at a rate of 200% this year, of course, the future of network marketing will be fully universal, but for the enterprise is also facing a severe test.

1, two years ago, the network marketing

if you seize the chance that two years ago, basically you do network is very successful, although the difference in the number of users, but every industry competition is very low, even a lot of enterprises have not yet entered the electronic commerce, and past network of customers compared to more accurate, a lot of customers to understand the business and product approval online, and willing to directly by phone or chat some contact with the enterprise, then the past is to find customers belonging to the congee more nor less, low cost and good effect, and the conversion rate for some of the higher.

2, now the network marketing

Now if you want to

enterprise through Baidu SEO optimization to get the target customer basically is difficult, many industries have been bidding directly belongs to monopoly, whether or not you have the basic ability to occupy the keywords, occupy first position, regardless of how the keyword search volume or the keyword conversion rate, first grab a lot of exposure, more general keywords has been fired to 100 yuan per click, for the general business website if the conversion rate is low, there are twenty clicks to convert a customer, then every customer information cost is 2000 yuan, and then have to strictly control the sales negotiations in minus 50%. So basically the cost rose to 4000 yuan, if the product of every product profits in 3000 yuan, so that you have a good choice now is Stop Baidu promotion and sales of products, so you can earn 1000 yuan.

although you may feel a bit ridiculous, but the fact is that now too much of this situation, many enterprises are difficult to find the root causes of the problem, most of them stay on the surface, and now more and more intense competition, SEO I believe that for some industries will be more and more low value.

is the last customer conversion rate, the impact factors for the conversion rate of the special, what open speed, website design, product positioning, product information, timely communication, site layout, landing page relevance, superiority and problems are directly placed in front of us, to can an enterprise can immediately contact with them has disappeared, and now users will open at the same time a number of the company’s website, the website advantage products, comprehensive factors of enterprises, you in what place, will eventually choose one or several contact, and then compare the ultimate success in many aspects of choosing a business cooperation, but for our enterprises will be more and more difficult. This article from the home of the game, please indicate, thank you!

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