Suning electricity supplier strategy has been lurking for a long time that it was seriously underest


Suning latent

Zhang Hao

Zhang Jindong sat night, although he is to become a fixed timetable "Su Ningzhi summer party" in this already, but this one seems to have a different taste.

this is more like a celebration, several Taiwan occasionally interspersed ridicule competitors jokes always blew the audience, they even became one of the few Suning executives talk second days media dinner.

8.15 "price war" ended, originally launched a passive, but the initiative to win the battle for Suning down is very exciting. "The chairman of the summary of the meeting, our assessment is" young, passionate, I firmly stand together with you in the Mercedes chariot. "." executive vice president Li Bin told reporters. This provocative words that the average age of this group was just 23 years of entrepreneurial team is more "lost", "I forced them to leave work." Li Bin with his team has been working overtime for more than ten days, all urgent.

Zhang Jindong looked unashamedly, he does not view "electronic commerce shelling" with the moment, also speaks again and again for the Suning situation, "we have been seriously underestimated, if you really understand Suning, you know there is no way than competitors."

this is a signal, but the understanding of Zhang Jindong himself and Su Ning work principle is clear, dare say these words that Suning is ready. No wonder, after the completion of the private placement of 4 billion 700 million yuan and 8 billion yuan of corporate bonds, Suning logistics system is likely to be completed in 2014 the layout of one year ahead of schedule, adjust the structure and the resulting line shop will also speed up.

"after due diligence, we believe that Suning Appliance is a company that has investment value may now be decreased by 40%, the future we earn is several times or even ten times the reward", "Su Ning in warehousing, logistics and information system has accumulated many years, to achieve 6 billion yuan of scale and profitability. This and other burn do scale patterns are not the same." Hony capital President Zhao Linghuan just completed the orientation of Suning 42.9% premium issuance, he even refused the invitation of Alibaba.

Su Ning began to surface, no one can imagine how much water it buried in the body. Now when Zhang Jindong was in 2010 to see light suddenly, "pretend" of electronic commerce a contemptuous disregard, Suning has long been lurking.


we can see that Liu Qiangdong "can’t wait" to provoke a war, despite a consensus in the industry is "the year there will be a war, but at this point, in this way the beginning or beyond all expectations.

Suning executives quickly analyzed the situation, they agreed that the Jingdong is in the mall to sing "empty city", "you can’t.

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