Evaluation of consumer rebate network collapse not because of greed and denial of common sense


consumer rebate website is all have fallen. In Jiangxi the "wonderful life", Fujian "hundred percent rebate network", "Wenzhou business alliance" after the crash, the latest one is Zhejiang, Jinhua "million shopping". The rebate network, which is the domestic sales rebate mode and rebate network the initiator of evil, the largest in the industry.

million shopping was closed, with a symbolic meaning. Jinhua police issued a notice on June 11th, said the Wanjia shopping on suspicion of organizing and leading pyramid selling activities crime has been investigated and dealt with, the actual control of the company has also been controlled by the police.

newspaper reported yesterday related to the vanguard shopping so-called innovation model is very clear. The website to tempt consumers the right to dividends, every 500 yuan is divided into 1 dividend rights, that consumers buy 500 yuan of goods, get 1 dividend rights, dividend rights each day up to 1 yuan rebate. In theory, 500 days later, consumers can recover all of the spending, eventually become zero cost consumption".

, however, looks quite creative rebate model, the essence is a hoax, a final line can only rely on the long-term maintenance of pyramid schemes. The final consumption rebate website from "rebate promotion" into "rebate speculation" financial game, until the alleged pyramid scheme. Therefore, after the collapse of the rebate website some responsible person, in the face of capital chain crisis, choose "Juankuan run away". Million shopping, the controller did not run away, waiting for him, or will be a long prison life.

MLM two words, people are not strangers. In the past many years, has never really disappeared over the pyramid. Every kind of MLM, not a name, the kernel is similar, mostly with the help of the membership fees, franchise fees, transfer fees, technical qualification fee, training fee, sell the product name. The key is that behind the pyramid selling behavior of the project, or the price and the value of a serious deviation, or there is no substantive service.

in the final analysis, the essence of pyramid schemes is deception. MLM organization, it is bound to weave a variety of lies, creating a wealth illusion. The entire MLM network, can only rely on the staff to pay the money to support the operation. Such a scam, when the bubble finally burst. Wait until the hoax was revealed, which means there are a lot of people involved, money is damaged. The consequences will disrupt social and economic order seriously, even a broken up manufacturing tragedy, and bring a difficult social problem. Past lessons show that such examples are not uncommon.

such as the "million shopping" such consumer rebate website, with e-commerce is a new business model coat, very confused. But, as with the earlier years of the more "traditional" pyramid schemes, the consumer rebate website also scam, also will eventually lead to collapse, will also cause a lot of loss of people, bring disaster to many families.

good, "million shopping" who lies more deceptive, will make some people for Gospel truth. But just move a little

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