Bi Sheng am honest electricity supplier in the end how bad


Bi Sheng

I have to open the vertical fig leaf, and later by the media continued to enlarge. In fact, I just told the truth, and there is no malice.

vertical electric business is like a cup of beer, drink too fast, people see only the bubble, so that those who have not seen the beer people think that beer is a form of foam, and I only in the hustle and bustle of the moment, the crowd clawed, breathed hard toward the cup. When the bubble cleared, it was found that Oh, the original beer is like this.

for the cloud cover eyes, long to look. I don’t know if I had that caused a reflection of electricity supplier practitioners in a large extent, but through media reports we can see, the vertical electric business is a fraud "judgment for that time of the electricity supplier industry plays a role of self correction, many forward-looking practitioners also began to consciously toward the cup blowing.


the passage of time, the veteran recruits back to the electricity supplier industry. But this time, I still don’t want to "obey"". Why to engage in sabotage is because the vertical electricity supplier is not a bubble problem today, and there is a bubble in the past, and now the bubble or bubble!

a lot of people who have experienced online shopping, said the electricity supplier is too bad. So, I back to the arena, is to break the "bad", to fill the cup of wine, wine. Consider from this level, the "failure" is not a bad thing, only broken the There’s no making without breaking., bad, good to return to the stage.

electricity supplier in the end how bad


first, looking ahead, in order to man-made business reputation, now all the way for each platform, star rating efforts, rather than a great effort to achieve the ultimate product, this is out and out of the past few years have the order reversed! The industry constantly criticized all kinds of Shopping Festival also make the mistake of businesses make some rules of the game is full of gimmicks, the inferior commodity subject to high prices, and then discounted, pretend to lose money, hurt, but actually? The first wounded is consumer


second, because it is impossible to predict traffic (Sales), businesses have to blind judgment, resulting in a lot of inventory, resulting in a serious waste of excess capacity. On the other hand, in order to reduce the pressure on the stock, businesses have to buy a lot of advertising platform, through advertising to eliminate the inventory pressure, but once the effect is not ideal, will once again increase the publicity platform investment cycle, deeper and deeper.

third, the electricity supplier shopping environment is getting worse, a variety of marketing tools filled with them, people feel into the market rather than the Internet, accidentally stepped on the watermelon skin. Unlimited expansion of the volume, the regulation can not keep up with the high cost of advertising, leading to profit groups and less and less profits, which is an unhealthy electricity supplier ecology.

actually, we do not do anything more than consumption

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