After eleven the way out of the micro business


the past eleven double with vigour and vitality, are you excited and Wangyeh, waiting to express, from time to time to see the logistics information. Then imagine, received a lot of parcels of the scene, that is how the mood, is to laugh, I will not say.

throughout the day yesterday of the twin eleven event, only one word to describe: do business, or find Ali


some people will say, ‘you do not WeChat marketing research, WeChat electricity supplier, why rush out of such a sentence, should let us back to Taobao to brush

ah!In fact,

, Taobao and micro business, in the report view, is not the separation of the. However, for the current market, you want to have a big development or money immediately, Taobao is a good platform. Micro business, in the future, may erupt, and perhaps only in the silence of death.

let’s talk about Taobao. Total turnover yesterday 57 billion 100 million. From this figure, whether you sell or buy things, Taobao has penetrated into the hearts of everyone.

based on the current situation of the industry as well as the line, want to do electricity supplier, selling things on the Internet, the first to be able to think of Taobao Tmall. No matter how expensive Taobao traffic situation, 90% sellers do not make money, Taobao Tmall There are plenty of people who want to go.

as the representative of small sellers, he himself has done it on Taobao or Taobao, deep feeling. On the current situation, the most able to make money, or Taobao platform. Why do you say that?

we first look at the conditions to do electricity supplier, there are three main elements, first, traffic, second, payment, third, protection.

Taobao, itself is a platform, there are search, advertising and other aspects of the flow of the entrance, even if you do not spend money, you can have a natural flow, that is, more and less problems.

derivative, no traffic entrance, you can only rely on your WeChat circle of friends, or good, get a few more than WeChat, get a few more than unfamiliar street and other social software keeps people, and then kept the scraper, and sell products.


Alipay, has been very mature, the security technology is the leading. So, in terms of payment, the consumer of Alipay enough trust, and Alipay is also very easy to use, you can ensure the safety of funds.

caifutong, or WeChat to pay, are relying on the Tencent under the Tencent QQ, give people the feeling is always stolen, not safe, therefore, rely on the Tencent following the payment system, in the eyes of ordinary consumers, the safety factor is not high. In addition, the Tencent did not make money online advertising publicity caifutong and WeChat pay (taxi is only incidentally mentioned, WeChat paid) so, in the minds of consumers, WeChat payment is what do not know, let alone let people put the money inside.

As for the protection of

, is a buyer, are valued. Bad to bad

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