A brief discussion on the marketing case and innovation of web game manufacturers


some time ago, it is estimated that everyone has to pay attention to a driver on the highway violation only for stealing food news. We do not examine the authenticity of the news. We can analyze from this series of news, the current SNS web game marketing and traditional web games to do some marketing innovation and ideas.

a good game is not only a strong need to enhance the popularity of concern. The impact of web game marketing has a long-term, persistent, in-depth. When a game list officially closed, if before that game player enthusiasm is greatly encouraged by the prizes and the ultimate PK game places; then, the game player participation is completely from the "inertia" and leisure interest. According to statistics, each player on the game site to stay on average 7 minutes long. "If you want to achieve the same promotional effect through paid advertising, you may need to invest millions of euros." Steen, Sweden’s leading media agency Carat Sverige AB, Senior Account Manager pointed out that Johan.

web game consumer group positioning accuracy. Positioning accuracy refers to the players can accurately grasp the information of registered users, targeted for different marketing strategies. For example, the crowd is mainly young people 80 Indoorsman Indoorswoman time and don’t want to go out to play, reflect some fun and not boring game play, so the game’s attention will naturally increase and there may be some potential consumer choice; and for some games held crudely made such marketing the activities I am afraid it is difficult to get good results.

if you want to be a game game player can continue in mind must rely on continuous marketing promotion, for example we should know melatonin, melatonin although this practice a little sick but at least it makes most people remember him, some people say that marketing has been declining, I don’t think so. Marketing is not declining, but we only know that there is no innovation, constantly for products to promote without considering now readers want to see, want to learn something game player.

we have to analyze several happy network marketing, the first is to grab parking spaces, was also to get white-collar things, the theme of the soft are also take the white-collar work to play their games that matter, of course it is good to do marketing has its disadvantages, advantages of this article is on the same day to bring happy net for many users, the downside is leading many companies started to pay attention to the company’s employees are playing games. Perhaps see the response of the enterprise, happy net has recently moved to take this kind of happy farm game to do publicity, what friends up at 3 o’clock in the evening, friends to steal food for stealing food boss was fined and write on this kind of stealing cabbage marketing.

said some of the above SNS web games soft Wen marketing, then we talk about the marketing of traditional web games. Take 51wan 2 to talk about the legend of martial arts, martial arts legend since 2 after signing the contract price less than 10 days, have been requested to open beta, >

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