How to promote more effective clothing shop


in Taobao to do the clothing shop is more, but also because Taobao clothing sales are very hot to attract more novice shopkeepers to join. I am one of them, and we do not have the same is that we have a good sales team, and constantly recruit people to build a strong network sales team. The team is divided into three parts, one is the main website design, enhance the user experience. Another part of the main network promotion, responsible for the promotion of the website mall and shop to customers. There is a part of the main network sales, responsible for customer consulting, product sales and after-sales service, etc.. The total number of people is set at about 20. This is to let you know, if you can develop the shop, the first time to set up their own team, to know a person’s energy is very limited, only the team can do our career bigger. This article is mainly to the initial plan of clothing shop promotion, promotion plan is at least a month to change again, not always is a mode of promotion, according to the analysis of website statistics and then set a new promotion. Let me talk about the initial plan:

customers: no specific range, a wide range of net promotion, for example you are selling ladies, do you want to extend to male friends? Certainly not looking for male friends, but are extended to a large net, male users will buy Women, because he has a girlfriend or wife, so regardless of men and women are likely to be your customers.

1) blog promotion. Set up a blog, you can set up a blog or Alibaba Sina blog or QQ blog can, blog is very powerful, if there is a large number of visitors to your blog visitors, the premise is that you have a good post, and if you can keep updating related articles Bo every day. Once insist on a period of time, such as me, my blog is not to launch a month, the total amount of question more than 170 thousand, more than 5000 passengers a day. And I believe there will be more and more visitors in the future, because I will write all my experience in the blog and share. Blog will be one of the main ways of promotion, mainly for the development of wholesale business and agency business. Because at present, most of the shop owners and Alibaba Taobao customer base, these will be my customers, there will be a part of my clothing wholesale or agent to join our clothing brand. The effect is good to use data to prove it, I hope you continue to pay attention to my blog.

2) female website promotion. I have created a female net, the traffic is good, because they do SEO, multiple keywords can have good ranking in the search engine, as long as I update the site every day, basically every day not less than 3 thousand independent visitors. These visitors are 90% female friends, because it is a female website, and are search engines to search, so the purpose is very clear. After the hot topic will be extended through this site, increase site traffic and can promote their own clothing brand, a hot topic for SEO, tens of thousands of people are not what problem, this method is more.

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