Good music to buy and beauty to reach a depth of cooperation to enhance the proportion of female use


August 8th 8 afternoon news, the domestic B2C online shoe good music to buy the announcement reached a depth of cooperation with the e-commerce community mainly for beauty, good music to buy shoes for social marketing, and will be conducted after into the multi level exchange of resources in marketing, development and other aspects of the user.


it is understood that the good music to buy and said the contents of the main cooperation, including the two sides share user resources, and jointly expand the market. It is located in the beautiful because of women’s fashion shopping community, good music to buy on the hope that the cooperation focused on the promotion of brand, increase the proportion of female consumers.

in the past, good music to buy has been with Holster, Kisscat, Saturday, Li cool multiple brand signed online sales authorization, increasing the number of categories of shoes, in order to improve the quantity and frequency of consumption of female users.

good music to buy CEO Li Shubin said, hoping to buy good music and beauty cooperation, one hand through user resources, attract beautiful female users to say good music to buy shopping; on the other hand will be the starting point of this as social business marketing, the future will be further combined with social media and business to brand promotion and marketing.

it is understood that beauty is based on women’s fashion shopping community, through interaction with friends, fashion expert share collocation shopping, shopping and fashion tips. As of early August, beautiful said registered users has exceeded 3 million, the average PV reached 50 million. (end)

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