The occupation bad teachers and students the siege of taly chain on the yuan monthly income


morning news reporters and chain store business secret gray occupation low-cost shipping stores were most likely to be the target of criminal law amendment provisions that constitute the crime of blackmail and impose exactions on repeatedly "blackmail and impose exactions on

professional judge "work" flow chart

on the shopping site search target

after receiving the seller sell goods

deliberately sold to the poor

sellers and poor judges want each other to cancel the poor

bad teacher put forward conditional expectation to take the money directly to Wang Xiaofen drawing


morning news reporter Li Yuanjun

[editor’s note]

transactions in the network, a bad review may lead to what results? Since mid May a frightful to the ear online shopping disputes reveal the answer for you. Because give the seller a bad review, female students in Wuhan received a shroud, Beijing buyers received delete bad review division SMS intimidation, female students in Chengdu also suffered continuous telephone harassment of a month, he even call the school report her style, is engaged in unfair part-time…… In this pile of online shopping disputes, two appearance rate high figure of occupation bad teacher occupation, delete bad teacher also surfaced, a concern network ecosystem is the most dark secret.

in fact, in this corner of the role as well as a professional brush to brush out the false micro-blog forwarding, career lottery earned pots full bowl full month, APP professional brush list of the family to create a short sales brilliant…… They are like a hermit crab generally adhere to the network, drawing nutrients in this huge ecosystem. The newspaper from today launched the "hermit crab" network special reports, investigate the survival groups in the cracks in the land ecological rules.

every day, they haunt the big shop crazy shopping. However, their shopping purposes but not in the product itself, but only after shopping to businesses hit bad, and then wait for the notorious taboo businesses send money to.

in the network, there is a group of experts to comment on a business trip to their occupation, every day in the electronic commerce platform massive, the "prey" search – siege – extortion, for a monthly Shaoze 2000-3000 yuan, more than a million income.

who is doing such a bad send? How to make money? Who is most likely to become their target? The morning news reporter through unannounced visits into the gray occupation, occupation bad teacher survey business chain.

network visits:

QQ group in the crowd

at 9 in the morning after, when most workers start the day’s work, a network of more than and 400 people on the QQ group, head lights up gradually.

"what’s the task today?" A asked a question mark.


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