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has recently been a lot of novice asked tired, so I decided to write a little about the most basic marketing and the most practical things out. In the absence of micro operators and other projects to tell the truth before I do not understand, also started in accordance with some old ways to do, the effect is very poor. Later, after several months of trial and error and error finally put the company’s sales staff performance dragged up. But the price is several months of trial and error of time and the cost of hundreds of thousands. Because the company is operating more people, so the cost is relatively large. If it is an individual, there is no cost.


well, do not talk about these, and say something I summed up this time and some understanding of micro marketing micro business:

first WeChat sell something different from Taobao, this may be known to everyone, but not really understand. I saw many people still use the Internet to do some violence, such as the installation of what WeChat open, suddenly opened dozens of hundreds of WeChat. There are a number of software using violent powder. Use software to solve these problems, which can reduce costs. In fact, this is not called micro marketing, the most is the use of software to acquire mobile terminal traffic. Or take some PC side of the old road, this is not able to do long.

a friend of mine, he bought a few days ago, 500 Apple phone, using software to suck powder, a cell phone to open dozens of micro signal. Crazy powder. Count up to have a phone number 100, then the number 50 thousand. A number of thousands of fans that do not have tens of millions of fans. But he has not been able to find a suitable profit model, a few days ago he told me that a lot of the number was sealed. He asked me to give some advice, and I didn’t say anything. I said you come to my company, or you do not have the time to send a girl to my company to learn a few days to see how we do, and then go back to do with your resources.

is the core of micro marketing is a process of building relationships, that is, to attract strangers into a weak relationship and then become a relationship and trust you. So since it is a stranger into a relationship of trust, then we have to do something in this way. If you just add in the circle of friends do not stop, it is estimated that this effect will only be general. And that’s the way everyone is using it. So what are some of the ways we build relationships?

first, communication. New people have to chat with him and communicate, introduce themselves and know each other. In fact, the 10 to talk about the understanding of each other, but you do not look down on such a process. If you accumulate a certain number of people in the later stages and these people know you and you know each other, then they become friends. Especially when you have to keep in touch with each other, these people can really give you value.

second, shared values. To share some of the value of the user groups, that is, they are interested in things. Share these East

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