Tmall to sell ice cream rookie actual strength test


Beijing daily news (reporter Li Duo Wang Yun Lu Yishan) established a year after the rookie network finally began to emerge. Yesterday, the ten major U.S., including Haagen Dazs ice cream brand started to accept reservations at Tmall, became the Internet for the first time in the history of online cross selling ice cream. This is the first time a year after the establishment of the rookie network large-scale combat.

following the import of live seafood in New Zealand, from yesterday, the ten major U.S., including Haagen Dazs ice cream brand reservations on Tmall, 210 City home can enjoy this service. Meet the heat of the ice cream on the cold chain delivery capacity requirements are very high, and this is the test has been established for a rookie. Last year, the Alibaba (scroll information) joint intime group, Fosun Group, SF, one of three links and other multi force established rookie network, known to create Chinese intelligent logistics backbone network".


relevant responsible person said, the rookie network by SF, one of three links and other logistics resources integration, greatly improve the ability of distribution.

the official said, the ice cream distribution is currently used in Shanghai warehouses, cold chain distribution trunk is Vientiane and other services, and at the end of the distribution of each floor is equipped with courier companies to provide services. Although the delivery of up to 210 cities, but most of the city in the delivery of about 24 hours after delivery, so that ice cream can be maintained at the highest temperature -18 degrees C.

According to Tmall

food staff, the ice cream distribution using innovative packaging, through special custom compression 300 kg box, with two layers of insulation measures, the critical value of -78 DEG C to gasification of dry ice cold storage as refrigerant, by testing 60-70 hours volatile not, in order to guarantee the ice cream is not delivered to consumers the hands.

actually, after integration rookie network has begun to gradually force, in addition to providing exciting ice cream, rookie cooperation with Taobao, for the world cup in full swing, 29 from the beginning of this month, to provide 2 hours delivery service. Consumers can purchase online duck neck, crayfish, cold beer, and if delivery failed within 2 hours, consumers can enjoy a free single.

although the 2 hour express only for Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other cities, but in the industry, it seems that this has been a record of logistics speed, to achieve the current logistics and distribution of the limit of four.

The chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba

Ma said, hoping to use 5-8 years, the rookie network playing across the open society of logistics infrastructure, anywhere in the country can be delivered within 24 hours.

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