Dangdang clothing stores with BELLE rolls 200 million into a broken mirror joined together


[Reuters] billion state power (January 21st) news yesterday, experienced in 2014 to 2015 period of calm, dangdang.com was exposed in 2016 will invest 200 million yuan in reforming the clothing market. Yesterday, dangdang.com also played a boxing heavyweight, once again back to the BELLE group, and BELLE’s more than and 30 brands all settled.

insiders dangdang.com revealed that BELLE’s own brand BELLE, Teenmix, he and Hermione, she really beautiful poem, Nike, Adidas, Puma brand agent, Timberland, Columbia, etc. at the same time the dewclaws on sale.

This year’s

regression, dangdang.com’s goal is to focus on supporting the shoes Wang Baili as the representative of the "top 100", re positioning service for "three high" Dangdang users and students boutique mall.

in addition to 200 million yuan of funds invested in the clothing business, dangdang.com has also made a strategic adjustment, the launch of the new policy, including mining camp separation, the implementation of sophisticated operations, the establishment of KA business selection and replacement mechanism, the development of brand day activities, flow and operation of the key support of KA business.  

has worked with Tmall, the only product in conjunction with the top three clothing

has been strong in the book market Dangdang, in 2012 began to try to enter the online apparel market. In 2013, dangdang.com vice president Deng Yifei created the "tail collection of flash sales platform, within two years has invested $200 million to become the dangdang.com clothing sale industry big second, and Tmall, the only product listed in the top three in conjunction with the clothing business.

data show that in 2014 Dangdang clothing to more than 100% growth rate has been more than a quarter of the growth rate of more than six books, becoming the fastest growing category. From the start of 560 million, to 2013 of 2 billion 700 million, an increase of nearly 5 times.

2015, Dangdang first quarter to the third quarter of a sustained loss of over $100 million, Deng Yifei left, the end of the transfer of goods to others. Later, dangdang.com once again turned to the book market, vigorously expand the line bookstore, 2015 dangdang.com total self book sales over 10 billion, but it also failed to reverse the loss of momentum dangdang.com, was once heard the news and the hands of others dangdang.com privatization.

has experienced expansion of mother and child, home and other categories, as well as trying to cross-border electricity supplier, Li Guoqing also in 2015 of the year of October, Dangdang should be strong art class".


new channel

Dangdang want to dig out the gold in the field of clothing need to invest more energy.

Dangdang cooperation with the 3 years, the performance of the BELLE group has also been a strong growth in the period of Dangdang, but Dangdang clothing positioning and strategic adjustment, the two sides in 2015 interrupted cooperation.

during this period, BELLE group’s business is not.

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