Electricity supplier to do fruit samples logistics experience and scale


3839.8 km, 28 main sections, for 44 hours. In case the car breaks do not stop, this is the shortest distance from the Xinjiang specialty Hami apricot from Kuche county to Beijing xinfade wholesale market and the shortest time.

in today’s increasingly serious food pollution, Xinjiang’s natural environment and the unique natural conditions of Xinjiang fruits and other fresh products have been in need of more than supply. Three years ago, Alibaba had a high profile into Xinjiang, and the first division of the corps to build negotiations Xinjiang agricultural e-commerce platform. However, because the conditions are more stringent, the attempt is not successful. Today, Jingdong, mall 1, represented by a number of new players are entering, Taobao is also in this broad platform to continue to force.

ideal is full, the reality is very skinny, consumers want to eat the fruit of Xinjiang there are still many problems, Xinjiang is far away from the major domestic electricity supplier market, transportation loss, logistics costs are too high for commercial enterprises are troubled.

for most of the fruits of Xinjiang origin, the electricity supplier channels still is only a little number of channels, more concern is now because of small scale, large-scale logistics difficult business platform can bring to Xinjiang fruit rather than the traditional channels of high profits.

crazy fruit

Xinjiang net goods

to fruit products as the representative of the product characteristics, is becoming the mainstream products in the domestic food network goods.

August 5th Alibaba’s Juhuasuan, Taobao, Taobao China project characteristics of ecological agriculture, began a large-scale sales promotion of Xinjiang characteristic agricultural products "gathered in Xinjiang" activities; three days later, the Jingdong established in Xinjiang Akesu direct supply base, Xinjiang melon, red dates, grapes and other products through the Jingdong platform from the fields are sold all over the country; at the end of August, 1 city and Xinjiang and Tian Jin Fenghuang farmer cooperatives, agricultural products network O2O service provider to sign a formal agreement, the three parties jointly set up ten thousand acres of ecological agricultural products direct supply base formally, and the field of high-quality agricultural products through the Mall No. 1 straight for the national market.

According to NetEase science and technology

, 1 mall plans to field direct supply base to build a benchmark for ecological direct supply base, and gradually spread within the scope of Xinjiang, have set up direct supply base for other agricultural products. Zhu Pengcheng, President of mall 1, NetEase technology, said: the introduction and promotion of quality, characteristics of fresh products is one of the focus of the strategy of mall in recent years, one of the 1. We assume that in 35 years, there are plans to select a number of cooperative units, the establishment of supply assurance, quality and stability of the procurement relationship." According to its introduction, and the formal operation of cooperation in Xinjiang began in June, thanks to the development of agricultural products at all levels of government concern Xinjiang, just two months to talk about cooperation. Cooperation and Jingdong Tianhai Oasis Group Deputy General Wu chronicles said: "the fruit of Xinjiang has geographical advantages, market foundation, a good foundation of the brand in china."

and electronic business platform

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