How to improve your domain trust


I believe the reader knows, Google domain name trust requirements are getting higher and higher, even to the point of excessive.

but it is no use complaining, must face the reality.

also have a few simple methods can be done, give it a try.

1) the website should have privacy policy

2) provides a complete contact method

3) in the absence of a lot of good content, at least to the site to do more than forty or fifty pages

4) links to several authoritative sites within the same industry

the above four points from two months ago Google  not a small change in the Adwords bidding system. Before Adwords ads are ranked according to the price and click rate, in July, Google notifies Adwords customers, quality of the site itself will be credited to the bidding system, low quality sites have to pay the cost to be high.

Some webmaster contact

5) the domain name registered in a few more years, instead of yearly renewals


6) using an independent IP address

7) no or very few dead links on the site 404 errors, etc.

8) server response fast

reduce downtime. This should not directly affect the ranking, unless you on the machine for a week, or a search engine spider?

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