State Administration for ndustry and Commerce personal shop does not force business registration



times news yesterday, the State Information Office held commercial system reform conference, said the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Secretary Zhang Mao in an interview after the conference, not mandatory for the individual shop business registration, do not have the conditions for registration of industrial and commercial shop, shall register the relevant information to the third party platform.

in January this year, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in charge of the Chinese "business news" published an article entitled "natural person shop should research articles for industrial and commercial registration", this article makes personal shop need to industrial and commercial registration "has become a hot topic again.

, director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Zhang Mao said today that the mandatory shop for business registration, as part of the shop does not have the conditions for registration of the company, or even do not have the registration of individual industrial and commercial households, it should be part of the shop to the local third party registration information network platform.

Zhang Mao, from the beginning of the year before the construction of the publicity system, its main content is that all the information about the company assigned to the enterprise name, which is different from some departments in the enterprise information sharing system, enterprise information exchange system. It takes some of the basic situation of enterprise registration, such as legal representative, investment scale and enterprise information, administrative license, administrative penalties and other information collection to every enterprise name, all sectors of society can at any time. As long as the inquiry of the enterprise, you can understand the basic situation. In addition, and other departments to establish information sharing, joint disciplinary mechanisms, such as production safety, financial sector, the court, the punishment of the enterprise is also listed under the name of the enterprise.

enterprise into the exception list, if not corrected within three years, it will be included in the list of serious illegal enterprises, is the so-called ‘blacklist’." Zhang Mao said.

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