Adsense encyclopedia Yue Dialogue world lead you into Wangzhuan storm


Adsense encyclopedia strontium SR; Hello, at three o’clock in the afternoon, Wikipedia interview group, founder of science and technology researchers, who now lead you into Yue Wangzhuan storm. Warmly welcome.

Yue present: Hello everyone, I come Oh!

Adsense encyclopedia strontium strontium: Yue elder brother is standing group veteran, that elder brother and we talk about what is garbage station group construction,

: now the world veteran to Yue is not well, garbage station group construction literally built a lot of garbage station, ha ha, with some say, is to do three or more than three stations of the stations, the content is collected, so we used to call the garbage station.

Adsense Encyclopedia –

: the strontium strontium and life rubbish feel like ah, I really want to know, a garbage station, everyone said to rely on the acquisition, not what the value of the user, it is exactly what

make money?There is

Yue: do garbage station, or a lot of ways of making money, usually make money on advertising alliance advertising, as long as the user can make money in general, put three advertisement better, CPM, CPV, CPC, CPS almost no conversion, CPM and CPV. No matter from any local station has entered the income, easily earn.

Adsense encyclopedia strontium strontium: the garbage station is to rely on advertising to make money.

Yue Shixian: Yeah, most of them are relying on advertising, of course can also sell some of the monthly, I sold some to the car company, package, CPC, the best way to put in the content page, and the contents are mixed together, so click will be relatively high, such as Baidu and put nine wins good. 9 win a little color, if it is placed in the health and entertainment category, the effect is good.

Adsense encyclopedia strontium strontium: even if the content of your site and different advertising, you can also sell him advertising it, this will not affect the user experience.

Yue now: nothing, garbage station well, the user experience is second, making money is the first, but the page to get a little better on it.

webmaster encyclopedia strontium strontium: Oh, so ah, that for a station group, to do it for a long time, we have to how to maintain, how to optimize?

There is

Yue: do stand group, I think first of all, don’t be afraid of the K station, for example, the target is 10, so in this process, K is a, immediately do one, it is always to ensure that there are 10, if it is so long, is to pay attention to not only the optimization SEO optimization, I said. My experience is that the new station is not included in the collection of a number of times, and so on have been included on the daily control of some collection. I stand in general I control in 200 to 300, and I also found that more than 20 thousand of the collected station can also collect some more, the station can be collected on the thousands of is not easy to be K.

Yue now: there is a >

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