The domestic domain price quietly raised at the beginning of March


domestic domain name since the universal one yuan universal campaign since the CN domain name registration volume has exceeded 8 million, once again climbed to a record high. At present, CN continues to dominate the national top-level domain name second in the world, has profoundly changed the world domain pattern, the rise of the world to re-examine the China Internet based address resources.

registration of foreign registration price is also a variety of foreign. At the end of last year after the end of the popularity of the CNNIC channel of the domestic domain name price rose from 1 yuan to 10 yuan, the national CN domain rates significantly lower. According to the relevant personnel from the new network of domestic top registrars in Anhui strategic core partners Yanhuang Network Introduction: yesterday in March 1st CNNIC in the imperceptibly requires all registered business channels to enhance the price to 18 yuan, so that all two registered business unprepared, until today, to inform the various partners, resulting in two registered business losses.

is reported to increase the price of the secret channel is mainly to further reduce the operating costs of the CN domain name, to get more profits. I believe that this will inevitably lead to the rise of a number of owners of resentment, at present, all levels of registration have been adjusted to the lowest registered price, the follow-up to reflect the relevant market remains to be further observed.

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