Good domain name value climbed Wall Street website or sell high price


      over the past 8 years, the Wall Street value increased by 10 times, the value of the domain name is gone.

held a domain name auction on Friday came news, price is expected to exceed $1000, in one fell swoop over (PORN) at the beginning of the $9 million 500 thousand auction record.

is responsible for holding the auction, said,’s reserve price between $4 million to $5 million. The company said it expects Wall Street to sell a higher price than domain name distribution company said that the domain name website is like the real estate in the virtual world, the name is very limited name, so often can sell high. It is reported that the United States this year, the price has risen 20%.

domain price increases indicate that the use of the network is increasing, advertisers are turning to the internet. ComScore’s statistics show that more than 15 people in the United States population, there are 750 million people in August with a search engine to check things, the total number of queries reached a total of 61 billion times, the number of search for each person to reach the number of times.

in the United States, the online advertising market is expected to grow 29% this year, reaching $21 billion 700 million market size, by 2011, this figure will double again.

Ziff-Davis and the American Stock Exchange "(Amex) [email protected] Week network jointly launched a special domain index tracking performance of network marketing company, the company’s infrastructure, the index over the past year has soared 35%.

although the Internet increasingly popular, but the importance of the domain name has been better than during the Internet bubble event. Jupiter research company said that after the rise of search engine companies such as Google, the importance of a good web site is not as good as before.

is now the most valuable domain name suffix is.Com, the vast majority of well-known companies have chosen the domain name suffix. was sold 2 million 300 thousand years ago by an online gambling company for $four, and has since been idle. Even so, the site still attracts more than 2 thousand visitors a day.

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