Guangzhou municipal Party committee and the company invested 3 million to support college students t


                supply and delivery by the manufacturers to manage, the students need to talk about good business on the Internet there is profit, win the entrepreneurship award. In June this year, the municipal Party committee and Guangzhou textile industry and Trade Group invested 3 million yuan, let the students to open shop game, because do not have under the original capital, many college students are welcome to this project.

it is reported that entrepreneurship competition can now sign up.

this game is called ‘dazzle spinning SOHO’ Youth Network Entrepreneurship contest, Guangzhou and Foshan university students or aspiring entrepreneurs can participate in the Taobao shop. Participants in Foshan Youth Employment Network ( after registration, you can enter the official website of the vlog electronic commerce network ( on the selection of products, then the product pictures to their own shop. And after the purchase of the customer, will be shipped directly by the enterprise, the final settlement by the enterprise and the owner. For example, a shirt delivery price of 80 yuan, if the owner to sell $100, the company will pay the owner of 20 yuan profit. The source of the manufacturers include jeans, knitting, T-Shirts, children’s wear, sportswear, small appliances, etc..

according to the organizers revealed that the current site visits more than 3000 people a day, nearly a total of nearly 529 members of the company, the company’s products to promote a total of 229. In the college, from the Chinese, the majority of other ten university.

the organizers of each month will be selected online sales of the top 10, bonuses (discretionary bonus) and business (to be returned in a certain period). The top three winners finals will be decided respectively 100 thousand, 80 thousand, 50 thousand yuan bonus entrepreneurship.

Wang Huanqing, Party Secretary of the

group to accept shop network ( interview, said the opening of the opening of the online business contest, the purpose is to help more young people to succeed in business.

contestants say

Chen Dali: the biggest secret is to seriously

Guangzhou City Polytechnic student Chen Dali Department of electronic commerce

(map) in July became the most profitable shop owner, first open shop a month has accumulated more than 2 thousand points, will also receive a bonus of 1000 yuan, the organizers provide entrepreneurial gold 2000 yuan. Chen Dali said his biggest secret lies in the serious. " I’m putting a lot of effort into doing it. " in addition, Chen Dali think must take into account the consumer psychology to develop strategies. " to take the initiative to find customers, you can let people around you recommend. "

Li Wenjing: the biggest problem is to promote

said the free supply of goods, the Chinese division of Li Wenjing believes that this policy is good, but there are certain limitations. She found that although these

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