look down to earth not too fresh


said this year almost all the electricity supplier, Taobao, Jingdong, Amazon and so on giant in people’s eye inside, little fresh blood, some do not even have enough time to enter the people’s eye has been quietly fall. When I read the news that a little tired, recently finally had a little new stimulus, that is fresh electricity supplier.


pattern in my opinion is relatively new, at least a "fresh" word can let you for a change. First see this report, first feel fuckedup, further understand some, and that belongs to one of "looks beautiful", saidpopular, is not down to earth.

why is it a "fresh"? Of course, the most direct reason is that it is in the fresh less conventional electricity supplier in the field of the shortage, if the formation of climate, is fresh field of "Jingdong store", can be a huge market. In addition, fresh electricity has advantages in large scale integration of initial agricultural and sideline products, can integrate resources from the source, the simplified processing and transportation link mode, at least than through multiple links to the supermarket or food market model much more attractive, because it can guarantee the fresh food in the "green" to some extent, the food safety in the credibility of today’s shrinking is a bright spot.

but it looks like a beautiful model in today seems to face a lot of tests, at least I can think of two.

first, fresh electricity supplier logistics system must be very complicated. Since it is a fresh, fresh is the first, logistics is definitely not neglect. Jingdong’s logistics and distribution has done very well, and can be completed within half a day of delivery. But fresh electricity supplier is higher than this requirement, at least overnight is difficult to accept. Moreover, many people buy fresh products is instant, as soon as possible to think of the cooking time, or suddenly to the guests, that add a few dishes, this time next single delivery time is needed to hours or hours to calculate. Was going to dinner at 6, but the six was hastily sent over all the hungry animal. Therefore, the logistics and distribution pressure should be relatively large, once the logistics can not keep up, fresh is not fresh.

secondly, fresh electricity supplier audience in the end is what?. If you are going to buy food online, who will be interested in it, of course, young people, especially those who like the house or busy people. And they often just want to taste this "fresh" and buy a one or two, persistent maintenance of this approach may not be much. More frightening is that now buy vegetables are what age? According to a set of the latest data, the current Internet users China 570 million, distributed in 10 basic — 40 years old, but usually I am afraid people took to the streets to buy food are over 40 years old aunt uncle, and they also enjoy the streets to buy food the feeling, especially in older people, this is part of their life, don’t let them take to the streets to buy food instead of making them.

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