B2C website please do not shout bigger and bigger


recently a lot of large enterprises are ready or have begun to carry out B2C business, through the powerful joint, horizontal development, and so on a variety of ways to enter the B2C industry. Big move, Baidu cooperation with Japan Lotte shopping site, to build B2C website platform, Baidu search engine position should not be questioned, but in the B2C e-commerce industry to occupy a space for one person, there is still a long way to go. With the launch of Taobao mall, the veteran C2C giant Taobao also began to get involved in the B2C industry, Suning and other traditional providers also said to enter the B2C industry. At the same time, the start of the early B2C e-commerce companies, such as Dangdang, Jingdong mall is also actively preparing for the Jingdong mall claimed to have been the two round of financing. B2C industry almost into the white hot.

big enterprise is huge momentum, they have inherent advantages: excellent brand, strong promotion based, high-quality user base and huge supply channels.

many small and medium enterprises are also in the development of their own B2C site, these small companies do not have strong technical force, not high quality purchase channels, not a professional marketing and marketing team, for such enterprises, they have the demand on the one hand, to do business, in fact, you can learn some the successful experience of large enterprises.

such as the country’s most famous small household appliances manufacturers – Joyoung appliances, in developing the traditional market at the same time, we are also actively exploring the market sales network, the network market is actually has two modes, one is similar to the other life network such as large B2C site, B2C site by the agency another is their own products; set up shop, all product line sales. Because of Joyoung specializing in small household appliances, small household appliances to buy so many people are on the official website of the Joyoung shop to see the price, which makes the shop sales are very impressive.

is now mostly small enterprises are one or more items of business and service industry is very mature, very strong correlation, such enterprises can actually mimic Joyoung case, carry out the industry website B2C. Highly concentrated industry site will give people a sense of professionalism, the site is also very helpful for sales.

Xie to share with these B2C website experience, hoping to be useful to everyone.

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