About the webmaster transfer to do e commerce a little personal experience


today is the National Day holiday sixth days, the time is pretty fast. As a result of last night’s sleep late, up nine points in the morning, opened the computer to see the Admin5 webmaster network. Ability is limited, but knowledge is infinite, this is also the reason why red stones often visit admin5. You pull a little far, compasses. Some webmaster recently and Admin5 chat, how many are feeling part of the webmaster have to make a transition to e-commerce means that a piece of red stone, today to write this article is not specifically for the owners of this type of crowd, is in fact more for those who want to do e-commerce, ready to open shop friends. Because I was a manager of red stone (a little bit ^_^ http://s.shop58425063.taobao.com I shop), so we played such a title. Also hope that this article can give some reference to the red stone.

first station to open shop, a large part of the reason is the website can bring benefits to them, or that is more effective, but the original red stone shop was mainly to the accumulation of experience in this area, after all, the twenty-first Century is the era of e-commerce. Many webmasters are full-time webmaster, what is more or debt owners, then they are most concerned about the problem of course, benefits, after all, food and clothing problem is not solved, the rest are all empty talk. So how to produce benefits, of course, is advertising, but the flow of a lot of individual owners will not be too high, then the appropriate advertising clicks will not be too much, the result is that advertising is completely unsatisfactory. May have just begun to adhere to the webmaster, because at the beginning of the time we have a dream, certainly not because of temporary difficulties and give up. Moreover, now everywhere prompted to do stand must adhere to, this sentence has become the language of the webmaster circles. But the important thing is to insist that there is a degree, just think of a meal are not enough to eat all the time the webmaster will wake up to insist on it?

so when this road does not go they will want to find another way. So for the webmaster, what the best way to do it, the answer is simple: e-commerce. Why? Because the webmaster is otaku, making money for the network this one they have some understanding, so if it can’t find a way out by advertising, of course they will think of e-commerce, think of the online shop. So the next question to the key, is not every webmaster are suitable for e-commerce?". First open shop also need to invest, the need for funds. This may not be difficult for the general webmaster. So what’s next? You need to buy, you need publicity, you need to do a good job. These are a key factor in the operation of a good business considerations. Just also said, what is the owner of the family?". Right, so do you think otaku will know where to purchase cheap goods sell well? What? What items are quality assurance, customer service guarantee? Maybe not a webmaster can clearly know the answers to these questions, so when they put the goods into the back will inevitably cause slow-moving, serious and even.

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