Microsoft said next year covering 60% domestic retail channels


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reached the open "store shop" in cooperation with the retail giant best buy in North America, Microsoft will force the point at the domestic retail market channels. The day before, Microsoft to the Beijing Business Daily said the company plans next year internal domestic retail channels the highest coverage will reach 60%.

in the recently held "Microsoft Windows 8 development of media communication meeting, vice president of Microsoft Greater China general manager of consumer channel division Zhang Yongli told the Beijing Daily reporter said:" Microsoft is active in the domestic market to expand sales channels, including 3C, IT, computer city stores such as electronic business platform, in the plan a new fiscal year in the future, Microsoft on the domestic retail channel coverage to reach 55%-60%."

Zhang Yongli pointed out that before the introduction of Windows 8, Microsoft is mainly with OEM vendors to sell their own software products and services to the global market. However, with the Windows 8 operating system to the definition of PC, the operation of the user experience has greatly changed, so Microsoft in the future to come out from behind the scenes, directly to the consumer to promote the Windows 8 products, on the one hand, Microsoft is increasing the manpower, resources and other aspects of the investment.

it is understood that Microsoft is currently in the domestic sales channels have been covered Chinese Microsoft official mall, Tmall mall Chinese Microsoft official flagship store, Suning, Gome, hisap, Sundan, masense and other online and offline channels. Among them, Microsoft and other stores in Suning opened a Surface experience zone, Windows 8 experience zone, Windows Phone area, etc..

in addition, Microsoft also said the establishment of retail outlets in the planning, sales of Windows hardware products.

industry experts pointed out that Microsoft as a software giant, last year, has launched the "crossover act tough and talk soft hardware equipment" Surface RT and Surface Pro. In this case, to enhance the sales of Surface products has become an important driving force for Microsoft to expand sales channels. Establish its own sales channel system, can help Microsoft to improve the market share of Surface products, but also to expand the influence of Windows 8 and other related software and services.

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