Giants have set foot in the nternet based services grassroots entrepreneurs where the road


with the capital market, the giants are through a long period of primitive accumulation and the development of a strong enough, in the Internet, these giants are only at a faster rate to complete their original accumulation. Even if these giants in public always show how he is righteous, and continue to express themselves in this industry bigger contribution, and the fact that they have done a lot of contributions; but they do all this really just their own words as simple as that, I think their ultimate aim is to their core interests.

in the domestic Internet environment, we always hear a piece on the Internet, that entrepreneurs in the face of investors, the total can not avoid two problems, one is how your project is giant, took a look, another is how to do is look at. Indeed, this is the real problem we face, of course, to face these two issues have been done very well, at least there is a clue.

I’m talking about the Internet based services that I usually talk about the server and website platform to build such a thing above. Before these things are some small manufacturers and some grassroots entrepreneurs do, almost no one giant Internet Co involved in this piece. Perhaps with the rapid development of Internet, more and more market demand in this area, and the giants see the traditional service providers earn bowl full of gold, they began to leak the nature of the pursuit of profit.

Here I will talk about the

server market and establishment of market these basic services, along with this several years fired a lot of cloud computing and big data of these concepts, many Internet giant companies have launched its own cloud service. As far as I am concerned, I was the first to use cloud services in fact, Sina and Shanda, and then Ali is also mixed in, as for those who basically supply Baidu directly in the application of Baidu platform. Ali cloud with its own electricity supplier gene, it can be said that the current in this area is fully deserve the first in the country, perhaps this is fate, because of the global cloud service first is the same as the electricity supplier Amazon Internet Co. Tencent such naturally not corpuscles, we can know that the Tencent is bigger, the small corner of the Internet all together no matter under lively; while it has its own common users, through a large number of webmaster resources acquisition Kang Sheng company acquired, these capital makes it a big reason. The involvement of these giants, is certainly good for ordinary users, because they are more competitive price may be lower, after all, the possibility of competition to make the price rise is lower. For the most simple example, when Tencent didn’t work hard to push the cloud, Ali cloud cloud server is in Hongkong than the same configuration server at home several times more expensive, and now also in all the Tencent cloud platform promotion, Ali cloud immediately put the corresponding price by 87%.

come to talk about the micro channel platform, it soon has been a lot of business as a promotion of their products and services, a lot of people say that WeChat should be a social tool, impossible >

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