Online shop need to adhere to adhere to 5


due to the pressure of employment, more and more people choose to open a shop, the current fierce competition in the shop, as well as the off-season sales, so it is not easy to open shop. If you really choose to open a shop, then do five "enough", we want to shop in the end, adhere to adhere to.

enough time and energy

perhaps you are office workers, part-time Taobao, you can surf the Internet during work, spare time can take care of the shop. Perhaps you are a full-time Taobao, every morning at nine on the line, has been working until twelve in the evening. Do Taobao, it is not easy, shop, decoration, purchase, find courier or occasionally do publicity, to spend a lot of time. Sometimes business is good, always busy until late at night. Enough time and energy to ensure the normal development of the shop.

sufficient information resources

do business on the network, the network is a carrier, rich information, then we must get enough information. When the stock, we have to run a lot of home, contrast to the lowest price for the best quality, thus determining the source of our. When looking for a courier, the company generally seek to express the service attitude, and strive to get some concessions to the courier company. Another important thing is that we do the network, to buy a lot of things, and sometimes go to the purchase of the time, they like the baby will be a little more, but they may not like the guests like. Can I do a web search? Yes, but it’s not necessary. As long as the guests into the store to see what goods, which baby popularity Wang, then you can purchase targeted. So we need to store statistics to help, use it to statistics about all aspects of the store, look at the shop popularity and commercial popularity, can use the blue cloud or quantum statistical panoramic Hengdao statistics, two are good, a little expensive quantum.

enough interest

avoid three minutes heat. Taobao to open the network, not only to do business to make money, it is more important to learn. Every day to deal with different people, although not face to face, but also a test of communicative competence. You may not have a good day today, maybe you don’t have a business today, but you have to stick to it. You should have enough interest to learn more things in Taobao, not only to earn money. Interest is the best teacher, please keep the heat.

enough confidence

a friend of mine just opened, strong enough, excitedly told me that he plans a month to do a drill, I said your cattle, refueling. Yes, faith, do you have ah. Do not look at people have a crown, you do not even have a heart, discouraged, the crown is from the heart. Believe in yourself.

enough patience

you have to be patient. Open shop is a test of your patience. When you have no business, you don’t want to hear the sound. In this off-season, a lot less business, does not mean no business in the future, this is the law of Taobao, to adapt to the. We want to get used to it. "

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