1 yuan spike United States online 918 peak to promote high tide


the United States and the United States at the peak of the 918 big promotion, promotional form is very rich: full reduction, full back, straight down"…… Just to be able to provide consumers with the most affordable goods. With the advance of time, big promotion activities into the climax, promotional efforts have become increasingly large. In September 18th the old Mu special, 1 yuan, 19 group purchase seckill small US Japan and other special activities ensued. Although the old Mu special is the bright spot, but "1 yuan seckill" is also enough to attract the attention of consumers.


in the 918 peak of 1 yuan seckill activities, 3 times a day, more than 10 explosion models of goods to sell 1 yuan panic buying price. The latest 18 performances were set at 10 points, respectively, the 15 point, the time to buy 20 points of the three. Many of the products to beauty care, health care and food, including the well-known brand of nursing Mentholatum men’s facial cleanser, the micron carbon strength for selling snacks, imported old urchin super nuts Organic Black buckwheat tea, Gao Yan by our times is Yingtou essence water, moisture moisturizing emulsion, the essence of times now international brand NIVEA beauty cream, condensate water, Mings live mining nutrition Ming Shi classic flavor 3 1 Instant Coffee…… Are involved in 1 yuan buying.

activity area is also arranged in the popular consumer group purchase activities, 20 big explosion of commodity collection of a number of domestic and foreign well-known brands, and the price of goods is very attractive. Such as SANYO TV 32CE561LED group purchase price of 1199 yuan; ThinkPad E531 6885 2H7 notebook computer 3399 yuan, than the previous preferential 400 yuan; Galanz (Galanz) G70F20N2L-DG (W0) microwave oven for 349 yuan; SONY (SONY) Xperia Z1 L39h 3G mobile phone group purchase price of 2488 yuan.

in addition, also large appliances, kitchen life, digital 3C and other special stores totaling hundreds of goods is easily opened. Among them, the special department of all goods 2 Zheqi sale: indoor dry washing powder box 20gX5 34% off portable sale 9.9 yuan; Jingli Lai textile silk group purchase price of 119 yuan, 73% off discount; Kaluobinke autumn and winter jacket short paragraph 89 yuan, compared to the previous 299 yuan hit 70% off; Taiwan little green yam barley powder canned 400g sell 85 yuan.

it is understood that the 918 United States online peak, since the 15 day start, already has a lot of home appliance products led to the explosion of hot, 000 new appliance products all enjoy the full 1000 by 100, other 3C digital, full kitchen category of goods also enjoy second 10 percent off discount and the discount will continue until September 21st but there is a department store, clothing shoes and hats, baby toys, household daily and many other benefits, a lower price in the end, to provide users a one-stop shopping solution.

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