How does the rural electronic commerce link with the mobile order distribution pattern


when the rural e-commerce becomes the outlet, the priority to seize the mobile platform and cloud computing companies naturally accounted for the initiative, efficient and efficient platform is essential.


lead: when rural electronic commerce has become the preferred outlet, seize the mobile platform and cloud computing enterprise is Zhandexianji, efficient platform

is essential

why rural electricity supplier fire because it is to solve the rural employment, improve the income of farmers, promote the sale of agricultural products are of great significance. However, at present, the pain point faced by rural electricity providers have yet to be resolved. For example, orders, customers, inventory, sales, promotion, logistics and other management. How to better solve these problems, Hunan, a rural electricity supplier to buy cool experience.

is a cool company purchased the main Hunan rural supermarket chain entities and e-commerce as a whole, they used the "Internet plus rural whole industry chain covering O2O business model to the Internet and the ground super combination for Hunan rural areas to build a rural e-commerce platform convenience. At present, the purchase of cool chain supermarket covering 14 prefectures in Hunan, rural electricity supplier franchisee has reached more than and 600, more than 600 franchised supermarkets for its daily delivery.

cool founder Liao Yangchun memories, in the use of easy order, the entire order process efficiency is low. "Each dealer orders in different ways, perplexing daily. Our staff is recorded with the most ancient form of Excel, after every salesman came to the company, the first order collection, then report to the upper report, after approval by the warehouse picking and delivery, the information collation and summary, this is our entire order process, the the low efficiency level as can be imagined."

then they search through the network to find easy ordering, "before we feel this kind of software would be very complex and difficult to use, especially our customers in rural areas, if the software tools are too complex, so we will increase a lot of training cost. After the trial by many of our customer feedback, easy to order is easy to use."

so, in July 20th of this year, the purchase of cool began to use the official order.

easy to use convenience

first, the order becomes very convenient. Buy cool’s customer feedback, they only need to complete a single phone daily. Previously out of stock, you need to order by phone, the phone orders and then through the purchase of cool staff manual processing. Once out of stock, from the replenishment to delivery required for a long time, some shops in rural areas only one, the necessities of life in half will not supply.

second, to avoid the errors in the specification and price. Various types of goods in rural areas, covering the daily needs of rural families, in the specification and price is more messy. In order to use the easy order, the cool staff often need to spend a lot of time and effort to sort the price, many invalid work

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