Balance treasure change financial ecology blood bank 250 billion benefit of 4 billion



5 billion, $10 billion, 50 billion, 100 billion…… Since June 13, 2013 on the line, the balance of treasure management scale all the way to expand, and the recent Celestica fund is announced balance treasure scale has exceeded 250 billion yuan, the number of customers more than 49 million.

, although the balance of treasure has grown into the largest public offering in the history of the product, but from the current situation, the scale has not become an obstacle to its yield constraints, it is how to do it?

90% asset investment bank co deposit

According to the

Wind information statistics, as of January 24, 2014, the balance of treasure hook Celestica increasedliberty Monetary Fund since its inception in May 29, 2013, million copies revenue amounted to 329.72 yuan, annual average yield of 7, 5.05%.

insiders to the "First Financial Daily" reporter estimates, the balance of treasure scale to more than 250 billion yuan from zero, even at the scale of 125 billion yuan median estimates, the balance of treasure in less than 8 months as investors in total contribution income will amount to more than 4 billion yuan.

increasedliberty disclosed in 2013 fourth quarter report according to Celestica, in the portfolio, the investment in bank deposits and settlement provisions of the proportion as high as 92.21%, in addition, the average remaining maturity of assets accounted for less than 30 days the proportion of the net assets of the fund portfolio is 63.69%.

that is, the fourth quarter of 2013, the balance of treasure will be more than $90% of assets invested in the bank deposit agreement, and more than 60% of the period of less than 1 months. In other words, the balance of treasure more than 4 billion yuan of the proceeds of the above is derived from the investment in bank deposit agreement.

the fourth quarter of last year, the overall market funds face tight, interbank deposit interest rate is a record high, thus becoming the new monetary fund’s favorite. To set up in September 12th last year the Internet Fund huitianfu cash treasure for example, according to the report of the fourth quarter of last year, cash treasure 94.59% of assets to invest in bank deposits and settlement provisions, as of January 24th this year, the mean value of goods based on 7 annual yield reached 5.7%.

even cash treasure almost all the money on deposit agreement, but with the balance of treasure of the short-term investment model still has difference, cash treasure portfolio average remaining maturity of assets accounted for less than 30 days the net value of the fund assets accounted for only 22.18%, most of the assets for a period of 2~3 months.

compared to the southern fund’s southern cash A, which has been established for nearly 10 years, the veteran monetary fund, with the above two goods base also has a significant difference. Southern cash A in the fourth quarter of last year to invest in bank deposits and settlement reserve total of $73.76%, the proportion of bonds accounted for 20.24%, the average remaining period of less than the assets of the fund accounted for less than 30 days

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