Speed transit on Miller buzz bee Poly price war to join up with you


[389th speed transit on Miller buzz bee poly price war and investment joint speculation?] speed transit network columnist @ Huang Jialang topic: Recently, the United States launched the 3.5 anniversary with Le bee five anniversary of the same day, set off a price war, but behind them is the common investor. Seek listing environment in Alibaba and other enterprises, the investment to promote the listing, but shows the investment war speculation, we think that


comments on the analysis of the above and fast transit network columnist by micro-blog to participate in today’s topic of discussion, published a brilliant point of view and views.

Huang Jialang (electricity supplier observers): this year’s Internet companies are seeking to market, the recent Jingdong also rumors.

Ding Daoshi (speed transit network deputy editor): very low-level Baotuan speculation, consumers should keep their eyes not to be such a site speculation trick blinded. We think that when the United States and Le bee fought bitterly, both sides could sit together to celebrate the boss. In all online shopping users, buy cosmetics is the lack of a rational group.

Zhao Hongmin (micro media deputy editor): now the Internet (mainly in the field of new media) information update too fast, if the Internet business is not timely sound, create something, may soon be forgotten by the media, netizens! So, toss these enterprises spare no effort, make eye.

Yuan Zemin (website director): here have to admire the wisdom of Shi Yuzhu: determined not to be capital control. Capital is the lifeblood of the development of enterprises, but to yield to the capital of enterprises basically no good days. In the face of corporate capital, so that the capital market bound hands and feet, simply exit. Shanda privatization, the sale of the portal website. I have always been optimistic about the capital control of enterprises. In this war, but also look forward to see the two sides after the grasp of the market again.

Gou Junwei (enterprise network marketing consultant): not optimistic about such speculation. On the one hand, the so-called "business war" is a "discount, lottery" as a gimmick, but not on the quality and service; on the other hand, found that more and more consumers, the so-called "price war" is actually a false markup and price, the so-called "draw" is in fact you forever also do not smoke on the so-called "coupons" is what you need to buy more things to use.

Zhang Yuqin (speed transit network Review Center editor): price war fought so long, there is nothing new, marketing also need creativity, but now we can only do this level. Money out of marketing, do not know can earn back? But slowly, vertical business just a few can survive, Dadanaonao brush presence.

guardian Yuan Kun (webmaster): this situation is very normal, behind the boss is the same, this is mainly speculation. Suffer or consumers. But I’ve seen two hospitals under the same boss

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