Fake electricity supplier platform come from Platform direct or third party provider



coincides with the 315, all walks of life in the busy holiday, the media has made the forecast this year, most likely what shot aboard the 315 "Red List" of the industry, it is not difficult to find, the fake problem is still the focus of attention, however, for the fake question every year, but this year is particularly many.

just yesterday, the Guangdong quality supervision department for the first time to the mysterious buyers, for Tmall, Jingdong, Suning, Amazon and vip.com and other 5 electronic business platform product sampling. The results showed that five home appliance was found two selling fake products, leather goods, clothing bags pass rate of 50%.


did not disclose the specific which is two, but whether Tmall, Jingdong, Amazon or jumei.com to sell fakes before accusing each other of Le bee network, fake problems exist in almost all of the electricity supplier platform are inevitable. That for these B2B electronic business platform, if there is a fake, is through what channels to enter it?

is the first platform of direct suppliers. As a business platform, Tmall, Jingdong, or Amazon have direct their own projects, but because some goods are not getting goods directly from the manufacturer, but after the middle of the agents, so there will inevitably be some problems, for example, the goods are agents down hand, while the platform was bought in the purchasing department and the agent negotiation, so that fake inflows. However, with the electricity supplier for the fight against counterfeit aspects of quality control more stringent, the emergence of this situation is relatively reduced.

second is the supply of goods to the third party. In addition to its own direct sales of goods, electronic business platform will open third party merchants settled. This is the buyers in a single platform, the third party merchants direct delivery, similar to Taobao, but because the platform can not determine the shipments, can not guarantee the quality of goods, so this is a way to get the public has questioned the biggest fake possibility. Although merchants settled before will pay a deposit to the platform, and will be subject to appropriate penalties, but in the face of fake huge profits, this punishment and margin may appear not worth mentioning, so whether the sale of counterfeits depends on the conscience of the business.


and B2B class business platform in which the links may cause fake inflows, has come to talk about the Taobao The atmosphere was foul. dragons and fishes jumbled together. "Provide small ticket" "packaging complete" "support counter inspection"…… These businesses are not confused with certainty excuse how many consumers, however, when the moment consumers off guard against, it is successful to be sold is fake. The most commonly used shoes, bags, cosmetics, for example, to see where these fakes come from.

national shoes capital – Fujian,


is the famous "fake shoes", Fujian city of Putian province began to gradually become a center of shoes from 2008 anonym card. Putian through the electronic business platform, will be turned into overseas OEM industry. With the electricity supplier platform specification, a lot of people start >

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