Who is to allow the development of electricity providers stagnant



said such a sentence: "if the 2012 is not the end of the world, is the electricity supplier in winter". From the beginning of 2012, the electricity supplier industry by the community’s attention and comments, some of the electricity supplier bubble theory, electricity supplier on the winter and other sharp words have emerged, electricity providers can be described as a major blow.

is like to verify the aged, early in 2012, the electricity supplier involved in the price war and inextricably bogged down in, and one of the largest electricity supplier dangdang.com and the first US listed electricity supplier China Mcglaughlin released the annual financial statements, dangdang.com annual loss of $36 million 300 thousand, while Mcglaughlin also full year net loss of $33 million 300 thousand, the amount of losses to people is 2012 really is the electricity supplier to be struck dumb, winter? What is the reason that business losses so large


vertical B2C status


electricity supplier using unconventional means, at blood draw users had bigger volume, lose money hit low price goods and high market promotion became a general means to attract more capital into, continue to burn, seek listing. In our lives, we often see the major electricity suppliers will be promoted in various forms of holidays, and this promotional price is very attractive.

sustained price war, the electricity supplier "cannibalism"

in each industry, the price war is unavoidable, the implementation of short-term price war, have a certain competitive advantage for some companies, but what had to continue if the price war, not overdo sth., it is a vicious competition among businesses, leading as Zeng said "earned no money" situation. It is the business of the "fratricidal", and vice versa electricity supplier.

ongoing price war, customer group instability

everyone has "less than three" idea, the long-term implementation of the price war in the electricity business, necessary for competition and price pressure, for the increasingly discerning consumers, they have seen too many noisy marketing, when a low price, customers will choose your home, when another price low, customers will turn to another, whether it is in fact a bloody price war or the advertising campaign is to inspire the consumer short shopping mood, and not really establish emotional ties and consumers.

price war led to huge losses, endangering their own electricity supplier

everyone does not want their interests are threatened, this phenomenon especially in the listed company, when a serious loss of state enterprises, if the losses sustained, so investors will want to quit, then resulting in financial crisis, while the electricity supplier will forced to withdraw from the market, such as for an enterprise that will work not completed.


I think, whether it is electricity, non-staple food, clothing and other industries, the price war is unavoidable, but can not be sustained, every industry must start from their own perspective, improve the quality of their products and services, this is the enterprise.

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