Jingdong internal mail exposure open platform 6 next year


January 2nd news, Jingdong vice president and general manager of open platform Kate recently issued an open platform for the Department of internal mail.


(Jingdong open platform manager Kate)

mail, Kate summarizes several events in 2013 Jingdong do open platform, including opening and carding platform rules, soften the brand image and promote the category of collaboration, improve service consciousness and the courage of trial and error.

on trial, Kate said: "this is the way to the road to success is indispensable."

earlier in the open platform Partner Conference, Jingdong group chief marketing officer blue ye said, the future open platform will occupy about half of the overall turnover of the Jingdong.

Kate also made a comprehensive plan to improve the ecological construction, promote the system update and upgrade products, O2O floor, channel sink, BI and brands in the multi dimension to build brand image for the Jingdong open platform in 2014.

in 2014 six major events in the channel sink as an example, Jingdong is about pushing the "flash" mode, or is one of the major killer.

below is Kate’s internal mail:

open platform students:

thank you in the past year and. We use the fastest speed in the past year, initially built and combed the rules of the platform, sellers ecology, training mechanisms, membership system and category structure. Our changes are obvious: the brand began to come, the seller knows how to make a stock in Jingdong, consumers can buy more things on the platform, each of you confidence and sense of accomplishment, are stronger.

I remember how many times I’ve been told that we’re doing something special and meaningful. This is a subtle change in the lives of everyone around us. She subvert our understanding of goods, trade and circulation, changing the oldest and most powerful traditional retail formats in the world; she let more people through your keyboard to meet the needs of all life, enjoy the low cost of living through new technology. This subversive creativity, so that all people’s lives become more beautiful.

in the past year, we use our own no place of youth together to do a few things: 1 open 2 rules 3 to soften the synergistic effect of category 4 5 6

trial service consciousness

Openness: openness is the foundation of ecology. Open first is the mentality of the open, and then the system, logistics, flow of open.

rules: open to order; rules are not fetters, is the guarantee. Platform construction of the rules of the platform, the seller of the background management system, the seller of the ecological, quality control, is the basis for the development of the company

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