Www tj cn Tianjin domain name auction in Hangzhou cited controversy


over the past few days, a "www.tj.cn Tianjin" domain name in Hangzhou auction news attracted many people’s attention. Hangzhou Zhejiang auction has launched a month long domain collection activities, collected from all over the country domain lovers and investors for the more than 70 thousand domain name. After screening screening, www.tj.cn Tianjin, www.mo.cn Macao SAR and a number of names with the name of the domain name is listed in the auction, the auction will be held in Hangzhou in May 18th.

reporter yesterday and Zhejiang auction domain director Zhu Yaguang contact. He said, "www.tj.cn Tianjin" domain name is a site commissioned auction, the auction price of 120 thousand yuan. When asked whether the client has the right to entrust the auction, the auction house has the right to auction, Zhu Yaguang said that the name of the domain behind the "Tianjin" is a temporary explanation of the client to do. He said that there are some companies in Tianjin to contact them, the domain name showed strong interest. Because this domain name is relatively simple, easy to remember, will certainly bring benefits to the enterprise, and to enhance their corporate image to help. He went on to say that as long as the legal acquisition, they can auction. Then, some companies use the domain name, whether it will cause misunderstanding? The reporter’s question, Zhu Yaguang said, for the unprotected domain name, now is to follow the principle of first come injection, who first registered ownership. "Www.tj.cn" was not previously protected, and the domain name will not cause others to misunderstand, because it is only a two level domain name.

wary of using special domain fraud

according to the city has long been engaged in the domain name registration business of Mr. Qiu Wenzhuang introduced, such as www.**.com, **.net, **.org domain name is called the international top-level domain name, organized by the international domain name management. Www.**.cn is the CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center) management. Registration of such a domain name must be a number of units, individuals can not register. "Www.tj.cn" is not necessarily the meaning of Tianjin, commissioned by the auctioneer added "Tianjin" notes, in order to enhance the value of the domain name. For such a domain name, if no one to apply for protection, the relevant departments will not be protected. Now, the domain name auction and reselling has formed an industry, although it can not prohibit some enterprise applications such as the www.tj.cn domain, but they use the "Tianjin" comment is wrong, because it is likely to mislead others — fake bank website fraud case is an example of money depositors, the relevant state departments should strengthen the special domain name management.

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