How to open a micro shop how to open micro shop


micro shop how to open, for some small sellers, or the monk monk scratching his head. Actually very simple. A smart phone, two minutes can successfully open a micro shop, then I’ll talk about how to open micro shop.

micro shop, very scary. May hit the ridge Taobao future, so it’s wise to call a few small sellers to open a micro micro shop to do business, micro marketing. Micro shop is the birth of this year’s event. Now micro shop has become a common word in the industry. Can not be registered trademark. So which is the real micro store network. In fact, which are not.

and the micro shop founder originator of more mature market for Technology Co. Ltd. Wenzhou ez-m’s ez-m micro shop, micro shop is known as the universe’s most powerful conquered small sellers. Currently occupy 60% of the small shop sellers market. Today Xiaobian teach you how to open a micro shop, how to open a micro shop 2 minutes method. So that small sellers are not at a loss how to find a way to open a micro shop.


we can come up with the phone directly to the picture in the two-dimensional code scanning can be micro store mobile APP client to download their own phone. You can also visit their official website download.


scan two-dimensional code after the phone opened the download page click free micro to micro shop, the system will automatically determine whether your phone is an Apple phone or Android phone, guide you to download the micro shop. After the installation is complete, the phone appears in the following micro store application icon.


of course, we have to start micro shop to enter the registration process.


Click to register new users, very simple


registration success will enter the micro shop management center, then I will introduce the use of various functions of the micro shop management center.

message center also has a shop manual, you can refer to their official shop manual, I briefly introduce here.


micro shop how to open the shop:

1 we want to click on the merchant information, to create their own shops, and according to their own preferences to choose the micro shop template, upload shop advertising and other functions,

2 commodity information for the store shelves of goods, anytime, anywhere can upload edit.

3 mobile website is expected to micro shop style, do not like to replace a template.


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