Liu Tao to strengthen the supervision of network payment the interests reshuffle


day before the people’s Bank of Chinese published on the website of "non financial institution payment service management approach" (hereinafter referred to as the "management approach"), clearly stipulates: without the approval of the central bank, any financial institutions and individuals shall not engage in or engage in online payment services. Non financial institutions have been engaged in the payment business, should be in September 1, 2011 for the "pay business license"; overdue made, shall continue to engage in payment business.

The so-called "

engaged in online payment services to non financial institutions", people at a glance, that is the third party online payment platform to Alipay, TenPay, quick money represented.

with the increasing popularity of the Internet, China has the world’s largest group of Internet users, online shopping from a few people sought after fashion promotion for more and more people a part of everyday life. In 2009 108 million of the China users of online shopping and the annual growth rate of 45.9% is a case in point. In this context, and as vigorous development of the third party online payment platform, can be said to be logical.

but back in ten years, this may not be the case. C2C (electronic commerce between consumers (business channel)) to pay for a single transaction amount is low, the cost is high, how many people early is not optimistic, some have abundant resources Guozihao financial institutions pay more attention to the huge amount of bank, between the bank payment and settlement business; on the contrary, like Taobao such a private enterprise is not too much less meat and bones, so many years has persevered, until finally this day dense willow trees and bright flowers.

on the current domestic reality environment, the online payment enterprises included in the supervision, qualification screening, it is urgent to China: because the credit system is not perfect, coupled with the third party payment companies have as many as 100, can be described as dragons and fishes jumbled together. For example, a few years ago, Shanghai had heard of a small third party payment companies Juankuan events. Nip in the bud, the.

second, the third party payment platform, a large number of funds precipitation, such as the lack of institutional management, there is a potential security risks and the possibility of misappropriation of funds. According to a rough estimate, the current detention of third square meters per day on the platform has been up to millions of dollars.

third, the legitimacy of electronic currency issue to be clear. Pay through payment platform in the financial Tencent, the issuance of coins acted as a hard currency role. Faced with the new situation of financial computerization, the central bank must clear the right to issue electronic currency as soon as possible, thereby regulating the financial order.

fourth, in recent years around the third party payment platform caused by financial crimes, is a wake-up call for strengthening supervision. In March 2009 the CBRC told Chinese banks issued a "risk on" Alipay "business tips", clearly pointed out that the third party payment enterprises are credit risk, capital risk, cyber theft of illegal cash credit card risk, money laundering risk and legal risk. In addition, for some of the capital and technology of the third party payment companies, once

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