The seller EBay down the loss of 80% sales


according to foreign media reported on November 25th, the United States online retail solutions provider ChannelAdvisor, eBay website in November 22nd to the seller in the downtime suffered a loss of 80% of sales.

due to the failure of eBay, in November 22nd on the eBay search apple iPod and other products shoppers will see a blank page or error message. ChannelAdvisor CEO Scott · Wenger (Scot Wingo) said that due to the Christmas sales season during the sale of goods will increase significantly, eBay may encounter more failures.

eBay spokesman John · Pluhowski (John Pluhowski) said that the staff of the system to modify the search function lead to downtime, eBay search function used in the November 22nd day most of the time not to. EBay said, "with the technology of fault for sale a sharp increase in the".

Wenger said, this problem will become increasingly serious, we are very worried about this. The weekend’s outage shows that eBay search engine is very fragile." ChannelAdvisor helps about 3000 retailers sell goods on eBay and other sites.

eBay said the company will refund the seller’s auction fees, provide 10% discount to the auction process of the winner, and delete negative feedback due to downtime failure for the seller.


eBay CEO outage highlights John · Donaho (John Donahoe) challenge. As part of the revitalization plan, Donaho has focused on improving eBay technology. EBay said there are about 200 million pieces of goods for sale on the website at present, an increase of 33% over last year. Millions of sellers describe goods in different ways, increasing the difficulty of eBay classification of goods. EBay search team has made a lot of changes to the site, including the index of millions of unclassified goods index.

Market research firm

Benchmark analyst Fred · Moran (Fred Moran) said, taking into account the technical strength of eBay, the duration of the outage is surprising, "like eBay with wide influence and mature Internet Co should not appear this kind of downtime failure, 10 years ago can be understood such a failure".

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