CCTV exposure of 9 appliance manufacturers selling 7 Taobao Samsung mobile phone standard rate of 0%


according to the central bank statistics, the first half of 2014, China’s online shopping users reached 350 million people, per capita consumption of more than 3000 yuan, the net consumption amounted to 1 trillion and 50 billion yuan, and this data and their electricity supplier data is compared also slightly conservative. Online consumption increased, accompanied by complaints against online shopping. Relevant departments pointed out that the new consumer complaints from the field of online shopping. Recently, the CCTV reporter to follow the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the China Consumer Association online shopping platform for in-depth investigation.

9 7 electricity suppliers selling "official channel" and "counter inspection" is not assured

in the second half of 2014, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the China Consumer Association for the two time on the network trading platform for the sale of goods quality testing. Spot checks of 9 electronic business platform in the sale of counterfeit or substandard quality goods, the problem rate of about 77.8% ().

in the Internet shopping platform, from clothing, cosmetics and the consumer life is closely related to products, fertilizers, lubricating oil and other products, most businesses have claimed their sales of well-known brand is qualified products, from the official formal channels, also received special cabinet inspection. But some trademark rights are reflected in the business sector, many of which are fakes.

Samsung refurbished machines dare to sell 1780 gift of small gifts blind buyers

monitoring results show that the purchase of 7 mobile phone products are non authentic in the 5, which in addition to the purchase of the 1 in addition to the purchase of electronic shopping malls outside Zhongguancun from Taobao.


(Chinese) senior intellectual property consultant, many people will encounter some businesses with mobile phone sets, dustproof plug and other small gifts in the mobile phone online shopping, but in fact these gimmicks is the price of mobile phone is fake. Samsung mobile phone when the factory is very standardized, there are anti fake seal technology, and part of the shop selling mobile phone products do not comply with the relevant provisions of the state, is a cottage.

CaseTrust staff, these non genuine mobile phone price is not cheap, mostly between 700 to 2000, consumers are actually close to the real price to buy counterfeit products. For example, a price of 1780 yuan Taobao Samsung brand mobile phone, the authority was turned out to be a refurbished machine. It is staggering, and the regular sales channels with the mobile phone price is only 300 yuan.

online shopping toys without 3C certification may affect children’s health

children’s market is also the focus of electricity supplier. a company called "the Fisher Price Baby shop" shop, marked "genuine and support the inspection counter slogan" in a prominent position, so the store also introduced to buyers. Another name is "Sam" shops, businesses also claimed to be the official dealer, but when the reporter asked a nominal "Lego 41033Friends series girl forest waterfall rescue toys have 3C certification, the store has said no.

the rules of our country

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