Beauty said strict control of health care products merchants 100 thousand margin is the bottom line


April 1st news, beautiful said its overseas shopping channel HIGO issued a notice, will be on the line of health care products business qualification audit, after the audit required to pay 100 thousand yuan deposit.

it is understood, HIGO health care products category in order to strictly control the settled business qualification requirements, operators have qualified domestic Incorporated Company (optional), the corresponding health care products brand licensing or health care products and health care products authorized brand purchasing purchasing document.

HIGO from March 31st to strictly examine the qualifications of all uploaded health care products operators. For the quality of health care products without uploading the merchant, HIGO will take on the shelves of its merchandise processing, multiple upload was rejected by the merchant will be suspended for three months of home traffic penalty.


(pictured: HIGO health products page screenshot)

in addition, after the pre audit, operators need to pay 100 thousand yuan RMB as deposit, and take all the goods shipped overseas direct mail, can HIGO in the management of health products category. Margin will apply for withdrawal of business in the business, after the completion of all orders returned.

it is reported that in January this year, said the beautiful women vertical electric business platform launched overseas shopping channel HIGO, independent App synchronous on-line, HIGO goods mostly by beautiful said overseas buyers team from overseas shipments, goods relatively high prices, and stronger brand.

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