Enter the guest market First look at these 6 words


asked if the Tao do now there is hope? I believe many people will shake. After all, like many industries, the market has been shrinking Amoy is an indisputable fact. Now to enter the market, energy consumption does not say, not necessarily what returns. So for everyone to see the decline of Amoy market behavior I don’t reject. But on the other hand, Taobao thousands of sellers may not each do train, every family has a window of opportunity recommend, in the face of tens of thousands of small sellers, they clearly need the help of Amoy, from this perspective, Amoy seems to have the presence of strong pillars.

in any industry as long as there is meaningful, but can make money, or to see the person’s ability, if I can’t do that then said Amoy, Amoy media obviously to laugh at me but I want to say is, you can do, not to earn money that I will flicker, so I’m not absolutely the idea is based on her own experience a few suggestions, we hope to see a deeper consideration, in order to more clearly understand the market.

Well done

1 guest, this is I give everyone a qualitative, now the popularity of textbooks in fact basically is outdated. We need some new ideas and practices, after all, we now have too many shopping ideas, simply to search relevant keywords to the site has been too little shopping. The value is a core point we do the Tao in this era. How to reflect the value of the product can be customized according to the attributes of the promotion. For example, you sell women’s clothing, then do some of the skills with the clothing is very important, just like wearba this station, to be the value of the simple shopping guide is no longer suitable for this era.

2 guest will flow into the strange "friends" relationship. The previously mentioned previous guest to attract users technique is no longer applicable, then it means that now get traffic costs much higher than before. So in the face of this thorny problem, how should we solve this problem?. Imagine in the circle of friends casually send a few pictures, there is no guarantee that the transaction can be made by what?. This kind of trust relationship between friends can be said to be the key to do micro business. Similarly, if you do guest, since the flow becomes more and more difficult to obtain, then you have to think of how to have the flow retain, let them stay at your site, such as the establishment of a QQ exchange group, open forum, the sun in the form of a single to everyone involved, increase our understanding and trust each other, so that they are familiar with and recognition of your products, after all, a good atmosphere for the formation of the Tao now business plays a very important role.

3 product categories can not be too hot and not too cold. As a novice, we must not be blind, can not choose too hot. After all, limited resources and large grassroots can not face competition, but we can not often upsets do not buy is not more pain.

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