Why do you say that WeChat does not have these three legs it is difficult to cut into the dense are


yesterday at the Shenzhen business forum, WeChat Jingdong responsible person Xie Zong mentioned three Tencent positioning micro shop, WeChat store is located in the O2O, the Jingdong WeChat is located in B2C, another version of a pheasant micro shop, such as pocket, pocket shopping, if pheasant micro shop is developing smoothly. May is the mobile version of C2C.

In addition to the

mentioned by Xie Zong, in fact, WeChat and WeChat subscription number, service number, micro community, micro businesses and so on a series of Tencent mobile products, in the face of such perplexing WeChat O2O products, many businesses have lost the direction, do not know how to choose their own platform to realize the O2O, my long-term WeChat business operation the first (the company’s regular army, non circle of friends, hand piece) from the view of manipulation, to help clear the way for starting O2O Lam, a hope to bring you some inspiration.

one, WeChat cut into the first leg of the O2O, the public comment on the left, the right side of the WeChat store

O2O of Tencent in the mobile terminal force, mainly from the B and C ends of the force; the B side is mainly in WeChat’s two level entrance, and the circle of friends LBS entrance, giving the public comments support, businesses want to use the WeChat version of the public comment O2O, cooperation and public comment, which can realize the force. The C client is mainly WeChat certified service number, and the opening of WeChat payment business, can apply for small shops in the background, and with the promotion of WeChat public number, you can use this platform to force O2O. WeChat two legs to go O2O, there must be his truth.

WeChat version of the public comment (hereinafter referred to as micro public) and micro shop how to locate

the two version of the platform, more suitable for public life fun O2O, such as catering, entertainment, film, their O2O model is the advance payment form, to improve the rate of users into the store by advance, so when the user experience for the first time, there is a need to have enough known the platform helps the user to do trust endorsement, the user’s payment rate will be high.

so as to public comment, the U.S. group, handle net group purchase website will live so moist, give businesses the lowest discount, and give a certain percentage of the rebate platform, platform to help businesses get promotion, business customers. But many businesses are brought into the deep water area group purchase website, many businesses, especially non standard businesses do not bring the actual group purchase, the effect is too large, not only the group purchase low price, but also to the platform rebate. Do not do group purchase group purchase customers to lose money, businesses miserable.

The traditional

group purchase website is actually a business plot, by constantly providing low-priced products, to get traffic, the customer is because of the low ability group purchase, this is the group purchase website operation core, but businesses can not rely on the unlimited and must learn how to change the group purchase, group purchase customers into their customers.

PC era Buy mode, it is difficult to solve the

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