A Ali mother alliance 22 days of hard life


this is a letter I wrote to Ali mother letter


I am XX little game station webmaster. Because of my site XX little game was detected by your station system, found that the click data anomalies. Is prohibited by clicking on advertising. Send this e-mail to provide the appropriate proof of information to your site, to prove that my site does not appear to click data anomalies, hoping to help me lift the ban by clicking on advertising.

is my personal webmaster, painstakingly built up two websites, "XXXX" and "XX game". After I had to at the end of June this year, the website traffic has a new breakthrough. In order to maintain the cost of the site, I intend to put ads on the site. Have tried Baidu alliance and Google AdSense and other advertising alliance products. Finally chose Ali mother,

because Ali mother superior payment system and good reputation in the majority of grassroots webmaster.

in July 2nd, I first use my XXXX station and XX little game station a few pages of the interview under the advertising effect, a total of 5 ad:

Ali mother report data: 10017 visits, the 2186 visit

day revenue of 1.39 yuan (site advertising debugging, today 20:00 get a statistical pull of the pull of 270 IP of 1730 PV, not the day’s traffic statistics)


in July 3rd, I was in the "XX little game" station on the shelves of several Ali mother’s ad, and then put on a few "XXXX" on the station Ali mother advertising, a total of 6 ad

Ali mother report data: 40725 visits, the 8585 visit


day income is 21.3 yuan (website advertising all done, all day long 51 pull traffic statistics visited 2787 IP 23360 hits PV


in July 4th under the framework of a "XXXX" advertising "because XX station ZhengZhan top advertising" does not bring me many benefits. Its impact on the user experience, not as good as


all right! Until July 5th, "XX game" traffic increased by 1800IP!!!

traffic 4565 IP views of 38264 PV.


happy! Because of the "XX game" station’s main keyword "XXX" in Baidu’s ranking has improved and a new keyword "XXXXX" for "XX little game" station brings nearly 1000 I>

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