Electronic business platform in the year to promote how rub flow


There are a variety of activities every year Tmall

platform, to promote the June years, claims to be greatest after the first half of 11 the two activities, the nature of the rule of 28, can offer into the meeting certainly is one of the few shops that small sellers do not have the resources, how to achieve their own counterattack breakthrough


in Taobao Tmall, and not every activity can, only after the shop to reach a certain level and ranking will be selected, not hearsay what two relationship, are unrealistic superstitions. Another case is a single product data, your performance is very good, such as popularity and conversion rate is very high, so you at Juhuasuan or other single product category, through the great.

stores each stage are operating strategy for each stage, many shops want to become the top, Inman Han Du Ise. Especially Taobao Tmall is not doing charity, so there is no need to support you, the market competition is very simple, you one day to sell 1 single, others sell 10 single, mid year big promotion activities, why not good location good resources to others, create more sales.

that we do not have the resources to do, we can borrow the trend, rub activities. By the year of June to promote the big crazy shopping trends, their planning activities, interact with buyers, breaking sales.

in 2013 I hailun enterprises a sub brand new store, shop more than 2 months only, daily sales of only about 2 thousand, without any venue resources at that time. But near 626 years to promote, the team is also very seriously, to the page from the product, from promotion to customer service, their store to engage in a fiery years to promote activities, direct day sales exceeded 260 thousand, on sales of daily activities, can be stabilized at around 8 thousand. Through a big event, the store on another level.

for buyers, you will not go to sea view room or the main venue for the seller, not on the venue, but the loss of the venue attracted those traffic. Buyers into your shop, will only focus on whether you are also in the middle of the year to promote, browse the product price is high, the atmosphere to promote activities, activities, such as the way to reduce the full. Don’t have in years to promote, and you are still hanging on the new summer, today a year for the sale of advertising map, this platform is completely out of touch with the rhythm, buyers in your shop, do not feel the big promotion activities atmosphere, naturally there is no interest in buying.

if the seller in the sale of 10 thousand of the small, you can prepare a few special offers, with early waterproof strategy. When the big promotion in June to enter the warm-up period, the big sellers in the preheating of the shopping cart, 10 sellers have 8 sellers not to sell in the product potential, the degree of competition instantly reduces. This time, as long as you launch ultra low price, many buyers can not wait ahead. Avoid activities on the same day, choose the warm-up period of early water detonated their best-selling. Of course, to the day of the event, we continue to sell, not on the venue, there will be no restrictions on the rules.

plans to promote their own activities, the most important thing is to promote the embodiment of the atmosphere, that is, page vision. Store your own

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