Enterprise nternet plus era need what kind of platform



"Internet plus" is a new format innovation under the development of the Internet 2. In recent years, the electricity supplier market changed turn the world upside down raging like a storm, the operating environment, once the blue ocean in many businesses to compete and fight to become a piece of the Red Sea, the Internet platform began to fall into the flood situation, dragons and fishes jumbled together.

many enterprises (especially small and medium enterprises) on information in the choice of business platform, Taobao, Tmall, think big platform Jingdong costly, fake frequent, also easy to be induced by a variety of small false advertising platform, the cost and the actual effect is not proportional to the original funding difficulties, the strength is still weak the company suffered more losses. Therefore, the development of enterprises can not be limited to the immediate, should be considered in the long run, choose a low cost, high profit, innovation ability and other aspects of the overall strength of the strong electricity supplier platform.

Ma Huateng once said, "Internet plus" is not the Internet and traditional industry two simple addition, but the use of information and communication technology and the Internet platform, so that the Internet and traditional industries depth of integration, to create a new ecological development. It represents a new form of society, that is to make full use of the Internet to optimize the allocation of resources in the community and integrated function, innovative Internet platform depth integration in economic and social fields, can promote the innovation of the whole society and productive force.


The 10000

network (www.b2q.com) has been launched on September 2014, not only gradually formed online promotion, trading, offline experience, warehousing, logistics and customer service of the whole category of transaction chain, the biggest feature is to create a transformation from the traditional business model for the new type of B2Q entity of modern people, more in line with the concept of online product promotion sales online and offline combination "". It is reported that the B2Q mode for the domestic initiative, is a bold innovation in the original business model, the introduction of third party technical engineer with factory inspection inspection, installation and maintenance and other technical services, to the maximum extent can help enterprises solve the financing, debt default, short-term liquidity problems.

not only that, the 10000 network also has been committed to improving the enterprise service, conform to the trend of the times, to cater to the trend of development, constantly looking for new opportunities for enterprises. Recently, the 10000 network upgrade for cross-border electricity supplier, the practice of "The Belt and Road" central procurement network as Central Asia procurement center in China, the only official website on-line success. The platform provides services for Chinese enterprises to enter the Asian market and the central procurement network for Chinese enterprises started business, involving some twenty major categories of more than and 100 small industries, including food, agricultural and sideline products, textile, medical equipment, health care products, building materials, steel, electronic communications equipment and engineering machinery etc..

"10000 is a designed for small and medium enterprises, to help solve difficult business platform. We adhere to innovation and integrity for the purpose of the Internet and traditional enterprises continue to deep integration, >

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