Millet TV Taobao data sales first Hisense dissatisfaction triggered a war of words


May 12th, millet in the last 30 days Taobao TV brand shipping list ranked first in the list, the list shows millet, music, Hisense ranked first in the list of three. Then millet TV micro-blog had forwarded this article, which caused the traditional TV manufacturers Hisense dissatisfaction, issued a document for shelling.

millet subsequently responded shelling of Hisense, said Taobao data statistics in the third party, smart TV millet TV shipments won first prize, caused by the traditional color TV giant manufacturers Hisense millet misinterpreted, but regret to say, millet TV Taobao to sell well, not millet. The data from the third party Taobao triggered a traditional manufacturer only for millet attacks, it is in the trend of electricity supplier electricity supplier, the decline in net profit is panic.


millet said, Taobao as the first online shopping platform, sales data can fully reflect the daily consumer buying trends show in Taobao data third party statistics, millet TV only in the last 30 days Taobao shipments amounted to 21852 units, while the Hisense TV is only 15608 units, millet TV is the first fully deserve.

at the same time, Tmall in 2014 double eleven, millet TV gains all electric single product first, a total turnover of 143 million yuan, the total sales of 37 thousand units, the total store sales is comparable to other TV brands only a TV sales.


and Hisense deliberately attack millet, mainly because of the rise of millet TV, moving the traditional color TV manufacturers cake. A variety of data show that the traditional home appliance shipments fell sharply, and even the latest official report also showed that Hisense, its 2014 net profit fell 11.55% over the previous year. The traditional color TV giant has been imitated millet TV Internet mode, but the transformation could not be successful, how to transition to the Internet? How to remove the layers of cost line channels? How to get out of the closed cycle and the traditional mode of thinking, perhaps this is the traditional color TV giant panic reason.

In the last

statement said millet TV, millet spat is not the traditional enterprise strengths, but all the user experience as the core, to create high-quality products as the basis, adhere to innovation business. For the traditional color TV giant distortion data, one concept of behavior disdain response, because strong attack can not stop the arrival of the wave of smart tv. High price, superior performance, the strongest content, quality service, is bound by the users love


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