All the car Li Jian forced barbaric growth monthly turnover has billions of dollars


day before the second-hand car trading platform C2C car CEO Li Jian to the NetEase and everyone said: since April last year on the line, the second-hand car trading volume all cars have been growing at a monthly rate doubled, the monthly turnover exceeded 1000, monthly turnover of billions of dollars; everyone in the Beijing market, the market share of cars has more than 2%.

seems to Li Jian, the second-hand car trading is a natural fit for the electricity supplier, because compared with the new car brand in this field of lack of control.

Although the

concept car business has been talked about for many years, but unfortunately only heard, but no one down". Easy car, car home is still in line set off "level, Ali, Jingdong with Smart and Tesla to try the online direct marketing, but also can not achieve the scale of replication. New car electricity supplier can not catch up with the pace of progress, but in addition to the new car, second-hand car market has quietly growing.

second-hand car electricity supplier is the key to solve the problem of integrity

Li Jian believes that second-hand car electricity supplier is so rapid development, the key lies in the integrity of the problem.

China although the second-hand car market has been developing for many years, but is still not perfect, users generally feel that the lack of good faith, second-hand car trading process so that buyers and sellers are very painful, in such a typical "lemon market", car dealers and users repeatedly, the result is bad money drives out good money, the user market is neither friendly nor aloof. Always do not scale.

everyone car practice is to establish a fully transparent C2C transaction mode, which are divided into three aspects: the main products "at the car, everyone all cars online car source, tested 249 site assessment division, there is a written report, everyone is responsible for the vehicle detection; adhere to no difference in all the models in the sale price, source price tag, in the car next to mark all the car to charge 3% service charge, buyers and owners to meet the transaction, on-site Kanjia, eliminate the possibility to receive the difference; have a quality in customer service, the buyer will get everyone to buy the car, the car to provide 20 thousand kilometers free warranty for 1 years. 14 days no reason to return the car and other customer service commitment.

in such a model, due to the release of the difference in space, the owner can sell a higher price, and buyers can be assured to buy a car, both professional and risk borne by everyone.

Li Jian said: "if you want to meet the user, you have to completely solve his needs. Users can trust you, or do not trust you, only completely transparent transaction model to get the user’s trust."

word of mouth to solve the problem of low frequency transactions

second-hand car trading is a typical high price, low frequency, heavy consumption of new users for decision making, high cost, and not through the burn cultivation user consumption habits, these factors restrict the development of second-hand car business growth, so that everyone car startups and how to solve the


for this problem, Li Jian gives

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