Five A compatible network by Union chief letter


dear webmaster friends, Hello!

although I may not know you, but I want to say to you: Thank you!

I was 520940 (I love you is you) five A dating network chairman Chen, thank you very much for your support and care since this period of time, let 520940 (I love you is you) five A dating network can quickly grow and Thrive! We also hope that the group of 20 years always adhere to the "law-abiding decent, honest and fair way" corporate culture, can get your support and affirmation to the


since recently, due to the company supervisor Mr. Ho and career planning, leave in a hurry, may transfer procedures is not perfect, so that there is a very small part of the union heard not settle accounts…. I am impressed by the fact that, for one year, all of the company’s money has been paid almost 100% within two days, as long as Mr Ho has been proposed. So today I heard this, very shocked, immediately instructed Mr. Zhang and Mr. Huang took over the supervision, "honesty" enterprise culture, fair treatment, will not let any of my 520940 five A match network integrity support warmly received any webmaster friends not forced and flat, also hope webmaster friends can continue to hesitate offer support and advice, let us create a win-win business opportunities and greater cooperation in the future a longer period of time in the merry


business is booming!

520940 (I love you is you) five A compatible network


Chen Xianzhen from 0716/2008

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