A novice to do a month to earn hundreds of dollars inspiration


last weekend, nephew came to me. He was excited and said, "I made more than one hundred bucks today!"

"Oh, good, continue to work hard, what?" Oh, two nephew lively open chat.

it’s about a month ago.

‘s nephew was attending university, senior year, help me to do more than 1 years assistant, I almost half of the sites are always let him help maintain (oh, no way, their talent is trustworthy, and my station is very convenient to maintain and update the workload is not big).

a month ago, I think it is time to let him try to do independent, he asked him, now I have a project, picture station, movie station, health station, QQ station, station, station, edge adult novel Chinese GG, GG, Baidu, English Amoy theme, download and install plug-ins, real Baidu GG, flow, mass flow, promotion, plug flow, Trojan, virus promotion tool brush flow, true and false traffic and so on, he want to do? Oh, tell me the It is as expected without demur, want to learn to do, I smiled: "come slowly, you start to do too much, now the project is to keep winning, the fittest quality projects down (I do not treasure project is not falling, ha ha, in general, three do not, low profits do not, do not less, short-term projects do, but also continue winning Well, the fittest) one or two has been very good, and a lot of things are common, pay attention to their own mastery is good, slowly." The best under discussion, decided to let him do the Tao and Chinese GG.

then asked him to open the domain name business cooperation we buy domain name, buy foreign host host, then the optimization of good station procedures, image station procedures to him, with the tools chosen keywords, then to help him do a few links with him, then let him in accordance with the usual methods, tools and software to operation, oh, these nephews are familiar, as for buying GG, for Ali mother these nephew also are very familiar with, of course, before some of the core things that began to teach him: This is the core competitive force, ha ha.

wanted to directly open an account for him, in my own American server Oh, think after all hope he start the whole process of their independent operation, but also do not care about the money, ha ha, little nephew also would like to use my server at the same time, just find a program to do, I resolutely stop him Oh, do, will try to do, start to do, the space must be selected, to foreign (the price is good, no record, can build a lot of website, database, and not afraid to put the edge, not afraid of IP, because can be free of charge for IP), support for large flow stability and the program is, to optimize the good and easy to maintain and update, must start to choose the right to do, many webmaster is due to start not to do that, to achieve a certain degree Find naught, to start from.

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