GOOGLE registration two shortcuts


one, apply for GOOGLE blog, automatically open GOOGLE advertising account, this account is ADSENSE account, and ADSENSE account can also be used immediately to the ADWORDS account.

two, a website, called dada network, this website is a network of friends, but this is a Wangzhuan color dating, as long as you apply for an account, create a GOOGLE account automatically for you, is said to be carried out in cooperation with GOOGLE, so this account is generally not K, when you apply for the automatic generation of GOOGLE account ID.

dada in the Internet, obtain high income is very simple, is to keep the hair beautiful pictures, each region is a beautiful dating ad soon, these dating links flow up.

three, any one station, a non-profit station, have more than one Wangzhuan master, the master is Wangzhuan maximize the use of this platform for revenue on their own, so we have to go to the analysis we have encountered some Wangzhuan station, analysis of the most popular people in the station.

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